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Affordable zero energy buildings


Project Proposal: Affordable Zero Energy Buildings (A-ZEB)

This project aims to achieve significant construction and lifecycle cost reductions of new NZEB’s through integral process optimization in all construction phases. The main objectives are:

a) To develop a methodology for cost reduction in synergy with better energy/ grid-interaction/comfort/environmental performances of new NZEB’s for the European climate zones with a framework of tested strategies and technologies from which designers, builders and urban planners may combine the best for their context.

b) To disseminate the gained and consolidated knowledge and experience as market-ready solutions to the widest possible EU audience and this way inspire stakeholders to take up new NZEB’s with RES concepts and implement the cost-effective solutions.

c) To facilitate frontrunners and innovators, from policy-makers to progressive contractors, to help transform the building sector into a sustainable industry, with ready-to-use material and strategies to influence their target groups.

Optimizing construction processes to fully integrate available solutions (in the areas of process, technology, contracting) is seen as the largest potential in lifecycle cost reduction and is at the core of the project. A-ZEB proposes to create a common methodology on this. The main steps are:
- Evaluate available experience and solutions
- Create a common methodology for cost reduction
- Apply the methodology to demonstration projects
- Finalise the methodology including lessons learned
- Disseminate the results

The project will pave the way for the process and organizational innovation in construction, to enable significant cost-reduction and solid market acceptance of NZEB’s.

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