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European Sodium Fast Reactor Safety Measures Assessment and Research Tools


D1.1.2. Specification of the new core safety measures

The deliverable will present the main steps of the optimization procedure and provide the new core specification as described in Task 1.1.2.

D1.1.1. Definition of safety requirements

As described in Task 1.1.1, the deliverable 1) describes the application of the GIF ISAM tool to the pre-conceptual and conceptual design phases of the ESFR, i.e., QSR and OPT; 2) defines the ESFR safety architecture; 3) defines the associated safety requirements in accordance with the European and international safety framework; 4) analyses the three main safety functions; 5) proposes the list of accidents to be analysed in WP1.2 -- 1.5.

D3.1.7. Report on content and Delivery of Video

The deliverable will report on the content of the video to promote the project and highlight its goals as described in Task 3.1.7.

D3.1.1. New pedagogical approach to teaching about Generation-IV fast reactors

The deliverable will describe main outcome of the work on review, systematization and recommendations for the Generation-IV related education as described in Task 3.1.1.

D3.1.6. Communication action plan

A detailed communication action plan will described the activities as listed in Task 3.1.7.

D2.3.2. Standard procedures for Na loop operation and measurements treatment methodologies

The deliverable will review and analyze selected elements of sodium technology as described in Task 2.3.2.

D2.3.1. Design guidelines for sodium loops

The deliverable will report on the rules to design sodium loops, on the safety related design options and recommendations as described in Task 2.3.1.

D2.3.3. Review of sodium technologies and dedicated roadmap for R&D studies and synergies and communalities with other liquid metal systems

The deliverable will review existing technologies used in sodium experimental facilities and set priorities and actions to raise the TRL of these technologies as described in Task 2.3.3.

D3.1.5. Project website

The public website of the project will be maintained and updated during the whole project duration as described in Task 3.1.7.


A new experimental R&D program associated with the corium jet impingement on the ASTRID core catcher sacrificial material

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New sodium fast reactor neutronics benchmark

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Etude de l'ablation d'une surface solide par un jet chaud

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Numerical investigation of corium coolability in core catcher: sensitivity to modeling parameters

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Creation of an OpenFOAM fuel performance class based on FRED and integration into the GeN-Foam multi-physics code

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Teaching Fast Reactors within the frame of European Union Projects

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Analytical and experimental study of chugging boiling instability: the CHUG project

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Development of a CAD model for the European Sodium Fast Reactor in view of using the thermal hydraulics code TRACE

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