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User behavior Simulation in built Environments


Simulating use scenarios in hospitals using multi-agent narratives

Author(s): Davide Schaumann, Simon Breslav, Rhys Goldstein, Azam Khan, Yehuda E. Kalay
Published in: Journal of Building Performance Simulation, Vol. 10, Nos. 5–6, 2017, Page(s) 636–652, ISSN 1940-1493
Publisher: Taylor & Francis

A Dashboard Model to Support Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Simulated Human Behavior in Future Built Environments

Author(s): Michal Gath-Morad, Einat Zinger, Davide Schaumann, Nirit Putievsky Pilosof, Yehuda E. Kalay
Published in: SimAUD, May 22-24, 2017
Publisher: SimAUD

An Event Modeling Language (EML) to simulate use patterns in built environments

Author(s): Davide Schaumann, Kartikeya Date, Yehuda E. Kalay
Published in: SimAUD, May 22-24. 2017, 2017
Publisher: Society for Modeling & Simulation International