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Immune Signatures for Therapy Stratification in Major Mood Disorders


Objective: MOODSTRATIFICATION brings together 11 partners (psychiatrists, immunologists, epidemiologists, industry) from 7 countries stratifying patients with a major depressive episode on the basis of leukocyte immune profiles. The immune profiles were found in two previous EU projects, which also delivered the novel concept, that T cell defects with episodes of chronic mild inflammation are a causal factor for a large part of mood disorders. The immune profiles determine therapy choice with (combinations of) conventional and novel therapies with immune modulators (e.g. anti-inflammatory and T cell enforcement therapies). On the basis of recent data we expect that the present poor response rates of about 50% to anti-depressant therapy will improve considerably to 80-90%. Mood disorders are complex diseases with a high prevalence (12-20%) and are the second highest contributor to the number of years lived with disability worldwide.
Work plan: MOODSTRATIFICATION firstly uses the large data sets and biobank of the two previous EU projects to further refine the already found immune profiles. Therefore the proposal further integrates existing and newly collected multidimensional, longitudinal clinical and laboratory data (-omics, FACS and serum multi-analytes) from these projects for further immune network analysis and computational modelling also taking female-male differences into account. Technologies to easily determine the immune profiles (a relatively small multi-analyte panel, Q-PCR kits on PAXGENE material) will together with industries be developed. Thereafter the efficacy of two novel T cell enforcing therapeutic approaches and the new concept of depression stratification on the basis of the immune profiles will be validated in three clinical proof-of-principle studies. Various national and international patient associations will be actively involved.
Novelty: This is the first lab-based therapy stratification in psychiatry made ready for the clinic.

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