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Predictive Simulation of Defects in Structural Composites


Dissemination and exploitation plan

Overview of the objectives of the consortium in terms of dissemination during and after the project as well as how each partner foresees to exploit the developments made during the projet in order to increase potential internal and external activities & innovations

Dissemination report

Document gathering the different past and upcoming dissemination activities identified as useful for the maximization of the project impact in the European industry field

Validation of the Exploitation plan

Exploitation plan for the tools implemented in the project validated with respect to the results achieved

Review of literature

Table of references and report containing: - the different methodologies identified for the representation of defects, how they relate to each other (grouping of methodologies) and to the work foreseen in this project; - Studies quantifying variability in processes or use of stochastic methods to evaluate the distribution of the behaviour of parts and structures in relation with their manufacturing technology This report will identify potential contribution that they could bring in the global objective of the project.

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Numerical Assessment of Porosity Defect in Composite Structures

Author(s): S. Zein, D. Dumas
Published in: ECCOMAS Composites 2019, 2019
Publisher: ECCOMAS