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Spacefibre IMPLementation design test Equipment (SIMPLE)

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - SIMPLE (Spacefibre IMPLementation design test Equipment (SIMPLE))

Reporting period: 2017-02-01 to 2018-01-31

Following the success of SpaceWire, SpaceFibre (SpFi) is the new communication standard being finalised by the European Space Agency (ESA) to address very high data-rate (beyond 2Gbps) links on board of satellites as required by current and forthcoming space missions. While on one side ESA is leading the finalisation of the standard through European Cooperation for Space Standardization (ECSS), IngeniArs (member of the ECSS board) aims at industrialising compliant products.
The ambitious goal of SIMPLE is to bring IngeniArs SpFi advanced prototype (TRL6, outcome of SME-INST-1 project) to TRL9 with the industrialisation of three products:
- SpFi IP-core: a macro-cell to be integrated into customer’s FPGA/ASIC designs;
- SpFi Analyser Box: a standalone ground equipment to test and validate SpFi-based systems;
- SpFi Analyser PXI: an embedded module to be integrated in customer’s ground equipment featuring PXI interface.
This way, Aerospace industries will be provided with all the necessary off-the-shelf products to speed-up the development and testing of aerospace systems with high-speed communication requirements. This will be beneficial also for a larger group of stakeholders such as the EC, EU member state governments and their space agencies, the scientific and industrial space community, leading to an advancement of Europe in this strategic aerospace field.
The first objective of SIMPLE project was achieved within the first reporting period: the SpaceFibre IP-core design is now complete and the IP-core is currently part of IngeniArs products portfolio, ready for the commercialization.
The SpaceFibre IP-core is used as a building block for the other two products comprised in SIMPLE: the SpaceFibre Analyser Box and the SpaceFibre Analyser PXI.
The development of the SpaceFibre Analyser Box and the SpaceFibre Analyser PXI, which represent the second and third objective of SIMPLE, is currently on-going.
As part of SIMPLE dissemination and exploitation strategy, the SpaceFibre IP-core, the SpaceFibre Analyser Box and the SpaceFibre Analyser PXI have been advertised in all IngeniArs dissemination and exploitation activities. Moreover, such products are key components in different project opportunities which see IngeniArs as part of a consortium of European companies in the space sector.
The novelty of SIMPLE goes together with the novelty of the SpaceFibre standard which has been announced by ESA as the future standardised means to cope with high-reliability and very high data-rate communications on-board the satellite. The ad-hoc solutions implemented so far into existing missions – mainly based on non-European technologies – will be replaced by a common approach, which offers a high re-usability among different designs and missions. The ambitious goal of SIMPLE is therefore to provide a complete easy-to-use package to design, build and validate SpaceFibre-based systems. SIMPLE products will allow the customer to reduce the development time of the on-board units based on SpaceFibre by at least 50%.
SIMPLE project contributes also to a general advancement of the European technology for the aerospace sector, which has always been considered strategic by stakeholders such as the European Commission, European governments and their space agencies, the scientific and industrial space communities.
Conceptual map of the product lines generated by the SIMPLE project and their use cases