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InnoMedia Final Conference

Final conference organization report.

InnoMedia Design Option Paper

The Design Option Paper will document and report the peer learning implementation options as well as the respective guidelines and working proposals about how to plan, design and deliver a better and more effective approach to SME innovation support.

Innovation policies/programmes review and benchmarking

Review, evaluation and benchmark of a number of European successful regional policies and programmes for innovation support to SMEs, in order to set up a knowledge basis and references useful for enabling the partners to offer: a1) to regional and local authorities, suggestions for developing improved innovation policies; a2) to innovation agencies, proposals for designing and implementing improved innovation programmes

Methodology of SMEs innovation and techonlogy programmes as a new > approch to foster research driven SMEs

Design of a methodology for monitoring and assessing innovation programmes and delivery a new and comprehensive approach to research-driven SME innovation support

Website and social

Set up the InnoMedia website as the key tool for dissemination, exploitation and communication of the InnoMedia activities and results.