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Completion of the sequencing of the entire human genome and other major technological advances in bioinformatics have opened up a huge range of scientific challenges that will need to be addressed in order to maintain Europe's scientific and commercial competitiveness and effectiveness in this emerging area of healthcare. An FP6 Network of Excellence, BIOPATTERN, has been established to integrate leading institutes around Europe to form a virtual institute for the study of individualised healthcare. The overall grand vision of BIOPATTERN is to integrate the analysis of nano-level bioinformatic data with micro level biosignal data and macro level patient information data in a pan-European cooperative research effort to combat major disease classes.

Selected members of BIOPATTERN will form the core of the BIOPTRAIN EST, the aim of which is to establish a complementary wide-ranging training programme of world-class quality in bioinformatic optimisation algorithms. This will bring together academics from University of Nottingham (UK), University of Florence (Italy), Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium), University College of Boras (Sweden) and Poznan University of Technology (Poland) to form the necessary multi- and interdisciplinary team to deliver a programme narrow in focus (computational algorithms for optimisation of bioinformatic problems), yet broad in influence and perspective (with contributions from many disciplines including computer science, chemistry, biology, medicine, etc.).

There are two crucial groups of beneficiaries:
(i) the next generation of European scientists will be trained to take advantage of the latest advances in bioinformatics with an aim of creating a vibrant, future-proof and self-sustaining research effort; and
(ii) the European citizen will be targeted to benefit from bioinformatics advances worldwide - we cannot depend on research communities in the USA and elsewhere to meet the specific needs of European healthcare.


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