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Automatic non-destructive recognition of used printing techniques on substrates


ANDRUPOS is a leading edge web based document examination system capable of authenticating printing techniques,
printer and paper sources. It is built on research projects and studies, in which the feasibility and the relevant technologies in
ICT, software and analysis technologies have been validated and tested with pilot users. ANDRUPOS is a game changer in
document fraud detection such as ID documents, passports or banknotes, as it enables for the first time an automatic
reliable detection method, giving quick and confident reports on possible fraud and – another very new not yet available
feature – links counterfeits with printers, so that also different counterfeits and cases can be traced back to the people
responsible for it like organized crime.
Fraudulent identity and security documents are integral prerequisites for the smuggling of migrants, trafficking in persons,
terrorist mobility, to facilitate the smuggling of drugs, weapons and other goods and they simplify cross-border crime of all
types. Counterfeit documents enable opening of bank accounts or receiving illegal social insurance benefits. Making and
using fraudulent documents by organised crime produce huge civil, social and personal losses.
The target market comprises banking (national banks), border security (airports, border crossing points), public and private
forensic institutes as well as law enforcement agencies. ANDRUPOS pro-actively targets the needs and requirements of
national and European users like Law Enforcements Agencies, Criminal Offices, National Police Services, Customs
Investigation Bureaus, National Banks, Financial/Customs.
The main objective of the FTI project now is to do the final optimization and upgrading as well as customization and then
going into a final validation phase with test at first customer stations.

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