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Wireless Optical/Radio TErabit Communications

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - WORTECS (Wireless Optical/Radio TErabit Communications)

Reporting period: 2017-09-01 to 2018-08-31

In the framework of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) H2020* European call for projects, the proposed research project WORTECS (Wireless Optical/Radio TErabit CommunicationS) has been recently accepted for funding, despite high competition. The kick-off took place in Orange Labs Rennes on Sep. 26th-27th 2017.

Next steps
The primary challenge of WORTECS is to propose “scientific and technology advances for novel use of the spectrum potential, de-risking technological building blocks at frequencies above 90 Ghz up to Thz communications backed by innovative usage scenarios*”, for instance, Virtual Reality (VR). It will also “address visible light communications and develop radically new approaches for spectrum efficiency*”.

WORTECS aims to offer:
• Optical Wireless Communication and radio over 90 GHz Proof of Concept with several Gigabit per second (Gbps) throughput: innovation on antenna, coding…
• Heterogeneous wireless Network architecture studies with new architectures and protocols for routing, latency and caching.

Last but not least, the customer views will be taken into account through interviews, questionnaires or field tests. The purpose is to provide a Virtual Reality user-friendly interface with a solution including terabit/s data rate, reduced latency and multi-user environment associated with an accurate tracking.
With a 3 million euro budget, WORTECS consortium brings together several European industrial and institutes players in this market (Orange, Oledcomm and B-Com from France, IHP Microelectronics from Germany, Pure LiFi from United Kingdom) as well as academics recognized in this area (University of Oxford from United Kingdom and University of Las Palmas from Spain).
During the kick-off, the main partner contributions have been listed showing a complementarity between the partners in terms of topic. The resource efforts were also pointed out with challenged specifications and platforms capabilities. For instance, two main groups have been identified: Radio group with Orange, IHP and b<>com, Optical Wireless Communication (OWC) group with Orange, PureLiFi, University of Oxford, University of Las Palmas and Oledcomm. The very first deliverable is under finalization; it gives an overview of spectrum situation in Europe beyond 90GHz, the goal being to propose bands of interest for WORTECS studies and proofs of concept.

Contributors & Contacts
Contact: Olivier Bouchet – Orange Labs - WORTECS Project manager - + 33 2 99 12 46 08 –
The work carried out during this first period was mainly oriented towards the following objectives:
• Implementation of management, administration and communication/dissemination tools,
• Use case validation and proposed during project preparation, i.e. virtual reality,
• Design definition and validation of the different prototypes integrated in virtual reality processing chain content.
More precisely, during the first period WORTECS partners have:
• Developed Optical Wireless Communication (OWC) systems design offering multi Gbps rates in room.
• Developed novel (infrared) optical steering systems with Fiber Wireless Fiber (FWF) design to deliver ultra-high data rate (up to 10 Gbps for the PoC V1) for point to point links).
• Developed radio mm-wave prototype design links operating at 60 GHz, able to deliver up to 4 Gbps with low latency.
• Developed network coordination systems in order to deliver ultra-high data rate, with low latency, in a multi Wireless Access Technologies (WAT) environment, i.e. Radio and OWCs for the PoC V1.
• Developed an ultra-high data rate end to end prototype for Virtual Reality use case.
• Developed a new model simulation for radio above 300 GHz and OWC .
• Provided inputs to IEEE 802.11standardization body.
• Closely interact with other European competing projects to ensure that WORTECS solutions actually integrate into the H2020 ecosystem.
WORTECS Team during Oxford Board meeting