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Satellite and Terrestrial Network for 5G


Project Handbook

Describes the SaT5G project management and quality assurance procedures to be followed throughout the project.

Business, Operational and Technical Requirements for Satellite eMBB

Defines the business, operational and technical requirements for the SaT5G scenarios identified in D2.1

5G Security Mechanisms Extended to Satellite Links

Satcom security architecture and protocols integration with 3GPP reference architecture.

Integrated Network Management – Analysis, Design and Proof of Concepts

Initial management and orchestration architecture including data models, and interfaces (interim); final integrated network manager and orchestrator description and prototype ready to be deployed and validated in the testbed (final).

Project Website and Collaborative Platform Description

Describes the project website used for SaT5G project results’ dissemination and the online platform prepared for consortium partners’ effective collaboration.

Dissemination Plan

Identifies and defines the various planned dissemination activities.

Integrated SaT5G General Network Architecture

Defines the general Architecture of satellite networks integrated into 5G networks for H2020 and beyond.

Exploitation Activity Report

Reports on the SaT5G exploitation activities.

Satellite and 3GPP NextGen Reference Interface

Defines the satcom protocol stack to transport RAN data flows and possible adaptation of RAN protocols to support satellite specificities.

Satcom & 5G Control/User Plane Harmonisation – Mid- and Long-Term Approach

Preliminary protocol architecture for the mid-term scenario and assessment of the long-term scenario (interim); 3GPP/DVB Adaptation layer software prototype for the validation of the mid-term scenario and simulation software description for the long-term scenario (final).

Dissemination Activity Report

Reports on the SaT5G dissemination activities.

Caching and Multicast – Analysis, Design and Proof of Concepts

Specification of the designed algorithms and techniques for caching and multicasting over satellite links which cover the delivery of both multimedia content and VNFs together with their necessary network state data.

Standardisation Activity Report

Includes the proposed technical report developed in ETSI as well as the achievements in 3GPP.

Virtualisation of Satcom Components – Analysis, Design and Proof of Concepts

Preliminary architecture & trade-offs (interim); final architecture & trade-offs as well as developed set of VNFs ready for integration in the testbed (final).

Integral End-to-End Service Delivery Architecture

Describes the end-to-end service delivery architecture and the proposed changes in protocols that will enable the integration of satellite with its specific features in 5G.

Exploitation Plan

The strategic plan for SaT5G project results exploitation.

Roadmap for Satellite into 5G

Describes the roadmap beyond the SaT5G project to ensure the satellite inclusion into 5G.

Integrated SaT5G Detail Network Architecture

Defines the detailed architecture applied to selected use cases of backhauling and multicast/caching including performance metrics.

Standardisation Action Plan

Identifies the potential contributions to standards and defines a plan for providing inputs to relevant standardisation bodies.

Results and Recommendations from SaT5G Demonstrations and Validations

Collates and assesses the results from the SaT5G demonstrations and validations and provides recommendations based on the results.

Multi-link and Heterogeneous Transport – Analysis, Design and Proof of Concepts

Preliminary definition of adaptations to the planned 5G accelerator, link aggregation and cross layer techniques (interim); final definition of the adaptations to the planned 5G accelerator, link aggregation and cross layer techniques and prototype ready to be deployed and validated in the testbed (final).

Business Modelling and Techno-economic Analysis of Satellite eMBB

Defines the business models and includes the techno-economic analysis for the specific SaT5G scenarios.

Demonstration of Fixed and Home Backhaul Scenarios Including Caching & Multicast

Performance report on Domestic and Campus UP and CP KPI improvements when using internet content optimisation applications.

Validation of 5G Control and User Plane Harmonisation

Performance report on the 5G Control and User Plane Harmonisation Validation.

Demonstration of Mobile Backhaul Scenario Including Caching & Multicast

Performance report on the aircraft mobility trial.

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