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Enabling End-to-End HDR Ecosystem


Demonstrator interactive web implementation

D4.4 First integrated demonstrator of web implementation, basic tools integrated within WebGLStudio.

eStudio HDR graphics engine final version

D4.3 Demonstration of pilot version of engine to partners and key stakeholders at various events globally.

Final implementation of collaborative web tool

D4.6 will consist in the final implementation of collaborative web tool.

Demonstrator collaborative web tool

D4.5 Interim demonstrator of collaborative web tool.

Project Website

D7.1 will publish a high quality multimedia website. In addition to the public site, there will be a ‘members only’ section of the site for restricted and confidential deliverables and partner working documents.

Dissemination Showcase

D7.5 will present the project results and prototypes to invited potential customers – both industrial and research. The outreach will touch communities in the cinematic film, broadcast, and advertisement sectors as well as future media communities. This event is expected to take place in conjunction with an industry international event.

Interim Exploitation Plan

D7.4 will ensure the project keeps track with the market needs to maximise the planned exploitation. This will sync with the project completing the second phase.

Open Access Document specifying guidelines on shooting for HDR production & distribution

D7.7 will specify guidelines on shooting for HDR production & distribution

Production captured material

D2.3 will result in production content that will be used to demonstrate the project.

Initial captured material

D2.1 will deliver the initial captured footage to S&M for them to evaluate and use in their HDR shot pipeline.

Enhanced captured material

D2.2 will deliver the enhanced captured footage to S&M for them to again evaluate and use in their improved HDR shot pipeline.

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