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Converged wireless access for reliable 5G MTC for factories of the future


Framework specification and scenarios

This deliverable will define the prototyping scenarios and the overall framework that describes the overall high level system architecture depicting the components to be implemented and their integration into the available testbed components.

Physical Layer Security

This deliverable discloses closed form expressions for secrecy capacity analysis and the design of PLS techniques to achieve secure MTC transmission by utilising NOMA techniques. It provides inputs to Task 4.3 in WP4 for integrated link level and system level security measures; code implementation (e.g., in C) for WP5 system prototyping. It will also describe the post-quantum cryptography that will be investigated in this project, detail its implementation and report vulnerability testings against this implementation to illustrate to what extent such algorithms can be susceptible to physical attacks. Corresponding countermeasures will be proposed.

Intermediate Standardization and Dissemination Activity Report and Initial Exploitation Plans

This deliverable will report on the standardization and dissemination activities that will take place during the first half of the Clear5G project.

Dissemination plan and innovation roadmap

This deliverable will describe the set of actions that will be carried out within Clear5G to raise awareness of the objectives, activities and especially the results achieved during the project life cycle. It also describes that different pathways that will be taken to ensure that innovations are captured, secured and promoted.

Random Access Enhancement

This deliverable discloses the intermediate outcome of Task T3.1. More specifically, it will include the first specification of random access mechanism for an MTC system with delay-tolerant traffic (massive connections) and mission-critical traffic.

Adaptive MAC Protocol and Heterogeneous Radio Access for FoF (final)

This deliverable discloses the final outcome of Task T3.2 and T3.3.

New Frame Structure & Waveform

This deliverable specifies frame structures suitable for MTC transmissions. It provides inputs to other tasks in this WP and other WPs with specific system parameters that fulfil the predefined performance metrics. This deliverable also describes new waveforms suitable for MTC transmissions with minimum overhead and relaxed synchronization requirements. It provides inputs to WP4 for system-level evaluation of the performance of the proposed network architecture and management mechanisms by taking into account the new waveforms at the PHY layer; C code implementation for WP5 system prototyping.

Data Management Plan

This Deliverable will outline how the research data collected or generated will be handled during and after the project. It will describe what data will be collected or generated, which of this data will be shared or made open, and how it will be preserved.

WP4 Implementation and Implementation Performance

This deliverable will capture the outcome of Task T4.3. More specifically, it will include detailed description and prototyping specification of selected radio network architecture and management mechanism for the purpose of demonstration and validations. It will also include performance assessment for implemented mechanisms.

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