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New twin floating platform for offshore wind turbines

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - SATH (New twin floating platform for offshore wind turbines)

Reporting period: 2017-02-01 to 2017-07-31

"SATH is an original and brand new concept of floating platform for offshore wind turbines. The platform, called SATH (acronym of ‘Swinging Around Twin Hull’), is conceived according to an innovative approach with the purpose of obtaining a drastic cost reduction in order to become a leader in the offshore wind industry.
The SATH platform concept is based on five fundamental principles, which are: the use of concrete, the geometry of the floats, the arrangement of the structure, the platform manufacturing and the innovative single mooring point.
SAITECs objective in the medium-short term is to have the SATH first real 1:1 prototype validated (DEMOSATH) in BIMEP in the next years, manufacturing and assembly of the prototype in 2018-2019, test, validate and demonstrate its performance in BIMEP during years 2019-2021.
First commercialization is expected for year 2020-2021"""
The work done during the 6 months of the project has thoroughly been following the work plan signed in the Grant Agreement. In the following lines, the work plan is explained and detailed:
Objective: Analysis of the innovative value proposition that enables the sale of the product with enough profit margins to allow the return on investment and ensure the future sustainability.
Tasks: Four different tasks have been implemented during the project execution:
- Task 1: Market
- Task 2: Value proposition, business model and commercialization
- Task 3: Cost, revenues and funding scheme
- Task 4: Feasibility study
SATH technology can compete not only in the deep water offshore development, but also is a strong alternative to enter in the 40-50 m depth market and compete economically with traditional bottom-fixed offshore wind solutions like Monopile or Jacket.
However, the main advantage of SATH platform is inside the floating offshore solutions. SATH will offer in all cases a total CapEx (construction, installation & assembly) reduction of 50%.
The main advantages of SATH against other competitors are:
- Efficient use of concrete: easy to find, reduced cost, lower maintanance costs, extra durability (beyond steel)
- Geometry of floaters: cylindrical geometry with an ovoid section allows important reduction fo the concrete shell thickness
- Arrangement of floaters: Stablizing plates at the platform bottom improves the platform stabilization and so the use of the wind
- Manufacturing can be done onshore and the towing made by a regular tugboat, reducing costs
- Single mooring point: which allows the platform to rotate freely around this single point and orientate it agains the wind.