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Small Efficient Gas Engine

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - SEGE (Small Efficient Gas Engine)

Reporting period: 2017-03-01 to 2017-07-31

Globally, societies face challenges around energy production and the environmental impacts that entails. clean generation of power is key to meeting environmental imperatives and Pulse-R seeks to address that dilemma. In much of the world access to any power is limited. A low cost power solution, perhaps relying on bio-gas could meet that need.

OakTec has developed the Pulse-R multi-gas-fuelled 4-stroke engine. It is based on a new cylinder head and combustion chamber technology that enables gaseous fuels, including LPG, CNG and biogas, to be burned efficiently to give maximum benefit in power, fuel efficiency and emissions, providing a reliable, versatile powertrain. Pulse-R is ideally suited to power equipment, electricity generation, low cost and hybrid vehicles and industrial applications. It is optimised for manufacturers of fixed and mobile-powered equipment, who target equipment operators in cost conscious and environmentally sensitive industries and regions.

The objectives of this Pulse-R innovation project as a whole are to create an exploitation roadmap to take the single cylinder Pulse-R multi-gas engine from TRL6 toearly stage manufacture and market entry and to generate a full business plan to enable this. This Phase 1 report considers various market and competitive analysis factors and details an exploitation path. As such, this report forms the basis of an effective business plan to enable OakTec to grow and successfully commercialise the Pulse-R engine and to grow the business and expand the product range.
Oaktec has developed a detailed understanding of its key opportunities, markets and sectors. It has developed processes to quickly and accurately asses the merits and demerits of each and analyise which presents the most beneficial route to initial market entry.

Working with mentor, Chris Kirby, Oaktec has built its understanding of customer needs, the landscape and key drivers for change now and in the future. Understanding the global gas fuel market is a key output.

A full strategy around the development and exploitation of the technology has been developed to take the engine to the next stage of development. A financial model sits around this to ensure the business' plans for gorwth can be funded and make a sound investment case.

The results of Phase1 are the identification of the initial target for market entry, a strategy and financial plan to progress that and a plan to take the project forward.
Phase1 contains no technical outputs.

Phase2 will see the technology moved on to the point of commercial exploitation. This will have impacts for both Oaktec and wider society.

Pulse-R represents a clean, efficient technology for the generation of power. Each unit will, in operation, make a contribution to reduced greenhouse emissions and improved air quality. Mass adoption will yield mass benefits.

Access to clean power is a key challenge in many developing economies Pulse-R's capacity to deliver a reliable low cost Bio-Gas solution can make a real difference on many societies.

Economically, the project will create jobs, both within Oaktec and its supply chain. The project will anchor a groundbreaking piece of cleantec with global potential in the EU.
Pulse-R on Display Proving Factory Launch