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Efficient and Low CO2 footprint B2B turnkey LED module with an innovative thermal solution

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - ECOLED (Efficient and Low CO2 footprint B2B turnkey LED module with an innovative thermal solution)

Reporting period: 2017-02-01 to 2017-07-31

Problem. Complexity: thermal management, assembly, sourcing, obsolescence of LEDs.
1) ECOLED (ECOLED1): a turnkey LED module, based on a patented technology (IF-T LED). The first generation has up to 75% lower aluminium content with excellent temperature management and a considerably smaller size. The latter is attractive to the target niche of design l luminaires.
2) ECOLED 2nd generation (ECOLED2): the second generation will increase the lifespan by a factor 2 to 3 and increase energy efficiency, which is particularly appealing to outdoor, industrial, office and commercial applications.
The advantages of LED lighting in terms of electricity usage and lifespan are renowned: compared to a conventional light bulb LED consumes 6 times less electricity and lasts 40 times longer.
Despite the perception that LED light bulbs have a lower temperature than conventional lamps, thermal management remains an issue. LEDs suffer from thermal issues like any other electronic device. ECOLED is solving this problem thanks to the patented IF-T LED technology which contains up to 75% less aluminium resulting in much smaller devices. Apart from better performance and longer lifespan than current LED lighting sources, ECOLED has a much smaller ecological footprint. SLL will introduce its first generation ECOLED in a first stage (phase I) in the selective market segment of residential design luminaires, with an end-user size of €100 million. After the ready-to-market feasibility analysis (objective of phase I), the second-generation ECOLED will deploy its full disruptive effect by entering the market of residential, industrial, office and outdoor lighting, a market of €2,5 billion in Europe, growing at 8% per year (Phase II). SLL forecasts sales above €50 million.
Work performed:
• Survey to customers
• Valuable feedback from potential customers
• Preliminary tech drawings to establish technical and economic feasibility and product supply chain
• 3D drawings for extended simulation and prototypes
• Market analysis that confirms the viability of the product
• FOI and IP search
• Sourcing and assembling of product
• Cost price structure
• Financial statement

Main results achieved:
• Feasibility of the product
• Clients involved in the development of the product
• Financial and marketing strategy
• Clear strategy in terms of technical developments
• Clear funding strategy for ECOLED1
• Anticipated ECOLED2, involving KIC Innoenergy
The ecological footprint of the ECOLED1 module is half of the size of a conventional LED solution. 1 million ECOLED lighting sources save 4,7 million ton CO2e, only thanks to lower aluminium content. The reduction of GHG emissions is completely in line with the mission of the company behind the technology, SustainableLedLighting (SLL), to create sustainable ecological advantages thanks to technological improvements in the lighting business. The aluminium content of ECOLED is up to 75% less, compared to current LED modules. This leads to a smaller, embeddable, longer lasting and even more energy saving light source.
ECOLED2 will play out the temperature management functionality, creating a device that has a considerably longer lifespan. This advantage will have a disruptive effect for clients in the segment of residential, office, industrial and outdoor lighting.
In the second place, SLL’s business strategy offering a turnkey solution through tailor made sourcing and assembly keeps a big part of the value chain in Europe where the lighting sector - mostly SMEs – gives employment to 150.000 Europeans.
3D rendering of ECOLED1, including third party optics