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DRone European AIM Study


Final Project Result Report

Publishable Final Project Results Report covering all the research activities performed by the project.

Preliminary U_AIM CONOPS

The CONOPS will be a user-oriented document that describes the characteristics of a system from the user’s and operator’s perspective. The CONOPS will be defined in terms UTM stakeholders directly addressed by UAS operations, roles and responsibilities, interactions between actors and system elements, high level system capabilities, external elements and related interfaces, data flows, and other time / sequence-related elements.

Data and service catalogue

This list reports all data and services of interest defined in SESAR and/or other equivalent international initiatives, together with their quality attributes.

Data Elaboration Results

This document will present the outputs of the simulation campaign after they have been elaborated according to Task 6.3.

Preliminary safety assessment and regulatory compliance report

This report will: • describe the mitigation measures for scenarios corresponding to standard scenario and the safety assessment carried out for scenarios not corresponding to standard scenario; • confirm that the proposed scenarios comply with evolving ICAO standards, JARUS deliverables and EASA rules and provide evidence in this respect, or propose mitigations in case of non-compliance. It will also contain a preliminary liability assessment with particular attention to respective accountability issues for the communication provider, the information provider and the UAS operator.

Gap Analysis Report

This document compares the UTM data and service needs reported in D2.2 with the ones already defined in the “traditional” AIM context listed in D4.1. Gaps in data/service quality or availability are identified and presented.

Scenarios identification and requirement analysis

This document will: • gather a representative set of operational scenarios (tentatively up to five) to serve as input for the following DREAMS work; • present the requirements, both on information and on services necessary to make the information available to end users. The requirements will be identified and categorized to serve as input for the following DREAMS work.

DREAMS project website and network social accounting

Provisioning of network social accounting and pubblication of DREAMS project website.

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