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CLear Air Situation for uaS: Maturing ground based technologies for a real-time Unmanned Aerial System Traffic Management System (UTMS) to monitor and separate Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) traffic


Design document of real time capabilities of UTMS

D3.1 will define the real time tracking capabilities of the UTMS and how they are implemented.

"Proceedings Workshop #2"

D1.5 contains the minutes of the second workshop (WS2) organised to retrieve feedback on intermediate results in order for the project to validate its work plan for the final stage.

Scenarios and KPI for the UTMS Demonstration

D1.1 will explicit the scenarios to fly during the live experimentation and the demonstrator run. D1.1 will also detail the Key Performance Indicators to be used for the evaluation of the performance reached by the prototype of UTMS

Implementation of De-confliction Advanced Function: definition and results

D3.3 presents the implementation of the de-confliction algorithms. It finally analyses the recommendation given by the algorithms for performance assessment.

"Proceedings Workshop #1"

D1.4 contains the minutes of the first workshop (WS1) organised to retrieve user requirements and to ask for inputs relevant to the project.

Live Experimentation: Configuration and results

D2.3 describes the live experimentation deployment, configuration and set up, as well as the flights performed. It contains analyses of the flight performed.

Data Fusion: definition and results

D2.2 describes the work performed and the results achieved in the frame of the data fusion of Cooperative and Non-Cooperative data flows.

Video of the live experimentation

D2.4 is a promotional video on the live experimentation for communication and dissemination purposes.

Communication and Dissemination Plan and Report

The first version of D1.3 will detail the communication and dissemination actions to be undertaken during the implementation of CLASS. The final version will also provide the actions' achievement.

Definition of the cooperative and uncooperative surveillance systems

D2.1 contains the definition and description of both tracking systems . Cooperative tracking system under the responsibility of Airbus . Non-Cooperative tracking system under the responsibility of Aveillant


Track-to-track data fusion for unmanned traffic management system

Auteurs: K. Cisek, E. Brekke, M. Jahangir, T. A. Johansen
Publié dans: Paper 2614, 2019
Éditeur: IEEE Aerospace Conference

Effective Ground-Truthing of Supervised Machine Learning for Drone Classification

Auteurs: Jacob Sim, Chris J Baker, Mohammed Jahangir, Francesco Fioranelli, Holly Dale
Publié dans: 2019
Éditeur: Radar 2019 Conference

CLASS U-space drone test flight results for non-cooperative surveillance using an L-band 3-D staring radar

Auteurs: Mohammed Jahangir, Chris J Baker
Publié dans: 2019
Éditeur: International Radar Symposium