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Technological European Research for RPAS in ATM


Exploitation & Dissemination report

Summary of exploitation and dissemination activities.

Findings on the potential of particular new technologies

Findings on the potential of particular new technologies • ADS-B Out / portable ADS-B receiver / CDTI simulation research • Combined GPS / EGNOS / Galileo flight data recordings + ground receivers • Machine learning model in the early detection of nominal and off nominal flight path deviation

Simulation Test Cases

Test cases description.

Architecture & Integration of Systems Description - Public Version

Public version of D 5.2

Analysis of ground technologies and tools which could be applied to UTM

Continuing on the output of WP3, WP4.1 will provide an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of existing CNS/ATM technologies for UTM and their theoretical capabilities to meet the required performance.

Results of the Simulation activity

Preliminary evaluation of the tools (including their HMI) and technologies for the management of ground geo-fencing, the coordination with an ATM system, the management of Traffic Conflict alerts and the management of the deviations from the normal RPAS flight paths.

Simulation Environment Description

Finmeccanica will provide a simulation facility which will be described in this deliverable.

Summary of Ground Technologies operational and functional requirements to support UTM

This task will gather all the information from the previous activities into the Operational Requirements (i.e. what the user needs) which will be transformed into Functional Requirements (i.e. what the system (s) should do to meet these operational needs).

TERRA research results report

Conclusions regarding the ground-based technologies current state, future needs and results from individual analysis of these technologies and proof-of-concept findings will be presented here. Conclusions and recommendation based on the work done will be included. Further steps and future research lines will be proposed.

RPAS requirements for different business cases and VFR and other stakeholders derived requirements

The main business cases to be analysed include, among others, Crisis Management, Environment Surveillance, Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue, Goods Delivering, Mapping & Photogrammetry, Agriculture, Air Navigation Aids calibration, or runway inspection and structures and linear transport infrastructures inspection (bridges, railways, roads, etc.). The results will set the requirements in terms of navigation and positioning capabilities, communications, separation with respect to obstacles and other RPAS and VFR, possibility of modifying the defined route as a consequence of the presence of other RPAS, pre-flight and in-flight information, etc.

Report on technologies analysis

Technical and economic gap analysis of the existing vs proposed technologies for UTM will be conducted, in order to assess their capability to meet the functional requirements defined in WP3.4.

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