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SEA-TITAN: Surging Energy Absorption Through Increasing Thrust And efficieNcy


Data Management Plan

Data Management Plan. Report to provide an analysis of how the elements of the data management policy used by the consortium with regard to the project research data.

Data Management Plan Review1

Data Management Plan. Report to provide an analysis of how the elements of the data management policy used by the consortium with regard to the project research data. Updates of the data management deliverable at the end of the first reporting period.

Report on the standardization landscape and applicable standards

Report on the standardization landscape and applicable standards.

PTO test laboratory description

Description of the PTO testing laboratory facility provided to carry out the tests as well as operation manual of how the system is controlled.

Project Management Plan

Project Work Plan with a documentation schedule, a Project quality plan, a financial plan and an IP management plan. Partially defined during the kick-off meeting. A Detailed Project Management Plan with a Gantt chart and a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), to be completed at a very early stage of the project (M2) will be also be included. It should include a schedule per task, responsible partner related subtasks, related deliverables, and dependencies on other tasks. At least 2 revisions should be done in the course of the project (one just before the end of the first reporting period and one just before the end of the second reporting period).

Dissemination Plan

Dissemination Plan. Report including the different activities and the responsible partners to increase the impact of SEA-TITAN results as well as proves of the dissemination activity (publications and presentations related to project results).

Report on the contribution to standardization

Contribution to the ongoing and future standards developments in specific topics, promoting this way the inclusion of the results of the project in future new or revised standards that can be easily used by the European or international industry. The developed activities and the reached advances will be reported in deliverable a Report on the contribution to standardization.

PTO modular unit and PTO prototype characteristics

Report with the characteristics of the defined PTO modular unit and PTO prototype, used as the input for WP3. WEDGE. M8

Exploitation Plan

Exploitation Plan. Report which collects each partner’s needs and aspirations in the future use of the project’s results as well as the Business Case and Technology Roadmap.

WECs description and PTO base case characteristics

Reports D2.2, D2.3, D2.4 and D2.5: WECs descriptions with restrictions. PTO base cases characteristics. These reports will include the information from WEDGE, CORPOWER, CENTIPOD and HYDROCAP respectively (each company is responsible entity of its part). M8 and updated in M33. Based on the POM developed in WP1.1, and parametrized for each of the WEC devices with their characteristics and control strategy in WP1.2, WavEC will carry out a set of calculations for each of the 8 test scenarios in order to evaluate the improvement achieved in each case with the new PTO solution, following the procedure outlined in the modelling analysis methodology

Scenarios to be included in HLC

Definition of the experimental tests scenarios and operational manual of how to use the models of WEC developed.

Communication Plan

Communication Plan. Report including strategic and targeted measures for promoting SEA-TITAN project to a multitude of audiences, including the media and the public.

PTO control platform

Fabrication of the control platform to operate the PTO prototype. 1. Materials procurement (Semiconductors, custom enclosures, etc.) 2. Cabinet manufacturing according to the cooling necessities, PTO housing limits LCC rack, etc.). 3. Installing, attaching and cabling the material in the cabinet.

AMSRM power electronics

Fabrication of the generator-side power converter. The configuration of the LLC platform implies a modular Printed Circuit Board (PCB), designed with ALTIUM and ORCAD software, for the named phase current controller (PCC) of each AMSRM phase, as well as a modular PCB for the master microcontroller (MC). In addition, voltage levels adaptation PCBs will be developed to adequate LLC with HLC, power converter and external monitoring systems. For sake of modularity, these PCB will be designed to be connected to a common back panel with a 3U-rack enclosure.

AMSRM prototype

Fabrication of the AMSRM prototype. 1. Coil manufacturing (copper conductor insulation - with fibre glass -, conductor winding - by means of the winding machine and special tools-, coil impregnation, etc.). 2. Yoke stacking (yoke laminations stamping, stacking, tightening, heat treatment, etc.), integration of coils and coils interconnection. 3. Yokes, end-stops and bearings integration into the stator support structure. 4. Translator yokes staking in similar process as the one mentioned in point 2. 5. The translator yokes will be attached to the guides and will be put into the stator structure.

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