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Enable Ancillary Services bY Renewable Energy Sources


D8.4 Second Version of Risk Analysis

This is updated version of D8.2

D4.1 Report on Initial ICT Architecture

Report on the work done in T4.1 providing a list of functional and non-functional requirements and a small set of well-defined use-cases regarding the ICT infrastructure of EASY-RES. Further, a high-level substrate architecture will be specified exploring virtualization as basic paradigm and clearly identifying interfaces, storage and processing locations alongside the ICAs and µGs, and providing an analysis and assessment of available communication channels and infrastructures.

D5.1 Report Reviewing the Current Market Regulatory Framework

Report on the initial work done in T5.1, i.e. review the current market regulatory framework

D7.1 Dissemination and Communication Plan

The dissemination Plan will be continuously updated throughout the Project lifetime with updates expected every six months. Work done in T7.1.

D7.6 Report on the 1st period of dissemination

Description of the dissemination and communication activities performed during the first period of the project. Report on the 1st period running WP7.

D3.1 Report on the work done in T3.1

review of current FRT requirements, development of generic FRT curve, parametric sizing of the required FSS and metrics for contribution to fault clearing

D5.2 Report presenting the Portfolio of AS

Report on the work done in T5.2

D1.2 Report on the Definition of the Converter Reactive Power Capability

Parametric design of the Reactive Power Capability of Converter Interfaced DRES/BESS systems. This deliverable corresponds to the 1st of the 3 aims of T1.2.

D7.3 Project presentation and scientific articles

A standard project presentation will be developed and used by all the partners in their dissemination activities, in English and the other participant countries' languages. The presentation will be updated continuously while partners will localize the presentation for local and national dissemination activities. Furthermore, scientific articles in selected peer-reviewed publications will be published by partners, as further described in Section 2.2. Part of work done in T7.4.

D8.2 First Version of Risk Analysis

Report on the possible risks during this project period and guidelines for resolution. It contains part of the work done in T8.2.

D3.3 1st Report on the methodology for detection of fault type and proximity

Report on the initial work done in T3.3 validated with simulations.

D7.2 Project website

The website and portal will be ready at an early stage, but updated continuously. Main page will be developed in English and other participant countries' languages. Work done in T7.2.

D7.4 Project Leaflet

The brochure will contain: main objectives and the project, activity carried out during the project progress, results and contact details. English and participant countries' languages versions if required will be issued. Part of work done in T7.3.

D7.5 Press releases

Aimed to involve the press, a press note for the project as a whole will be prepared, and updated continuously. Each partner will generate, based upon the generic press note, localized press notes. A press note will be sent out every 6 months. Part of work done in T7.3.

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