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European industrial doctorate for efficient multidisciplinary design Optimization of Multifunctional Aerospace Composite Structures


Modern aeronautical structures are increasingly made of composite materials due to their well-known benefits. Optimizing
the design of aerospace composites vis-à-vis the entire range of operational constraints (i.e. reliability, stability, strength,
weight, noise, manufacturability and cost) to which the aircraft structures are subject, results in a particularly challenging task
for the structural designer. Despite the volume of recent work dedicated to new Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO)
models and techniques, the ‘No free lunch theorem in optimisation’ is constantly confirmed.
A genuine need is therefore identified for a programme that will: i)Develop, deliver and implement novel and efficient
structural MDO technological tools for the European aerospace industry, ii)Nurture and train the next European generation of
MDO research professionals. OptiMACS has an intersectoral character, drawing know-how from both academic and
industrial research and innovation teams. It also has an intensely multi-disciplinary character, coupling expertise from
mechanical, aerospace, manufacturing and software engineering, as well as from the area of applied mathematics.
On the research side, OptiMACS will focus on improving the accuracy and efficiency of the MDO platform currently
employed by AIRBUS. This will be achieved by enhancing the design models and criteria related to composites failure and
manufacturing, developing and implementing multiscale models for composites as well as investigating advanced MDO
algorithms and architectures for enhancing efficiency.
On the training side, OptiMACS will provide a fully supportive environment for 5 ESRs. A training programme aiming at
developing both the research as well as the transferable skills of the Fellows has been designed. All Fellows will have the
opportunity to work in a multi-disciplinary environment, spending at least 50% of their time at the premises of the industrial


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