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Hydrothermal liquefaction: Enhanced performance and feedstock flexibility for efficient biofuel production


D4.7: Final report on nutrient mapping and recovery

Providing a complete mapping of nutrient flows throughout the HTL value chain and concluding on the most appropriate point of extraction/recovery. Elemental mass balances of most important nutrients (N, P and K).

D2.5: Final report on optimised bio-crude production campaign

Consolidated data and conclusions on optimal feedstock and operating conditions.

D5.8 Report on holistic technology assessment

Presentation of the results of the techno-economic, environmental and social assessment of HyFlexFuel technology in comparison with other competing renewable production pathways towards liquid fuels.

D 1.3 Report on regional feedstock potentials and preference regions for HTL projects

Results of the assessment of regional biomass potentials for selected countries and description of preference regions for HTL projects.

D3.5 Final report on production, characterization and testing of finished fuels and fuel blends

Consolidated data and conclusions on upgrading, final product properties and test in end-use applications

D3.4 Final report on bio-crude upgrading (parametric screening and continuous operation)

Consolidated data and conclusions, recommendations, optimal conditions and transferability

D4.6: Final report on catalytic hydrothermal gasification of HTL process waters

Report on the potential of cHTG to clean HTL waters in the overall HTL chain. Mass balance. Carbon gasification efficiency, carbon and nitrogen balances. Performance of the salt separation and recovery. Activity of the Ru/C catalyst over time. Quality of the cHTG process water. Report on the potential of AD to clean different HTL waters in the overall HTL chain. Biogas yields. Mass balance.

D1.5: Final report on feedstock analysis and characteristics

Results from chemical characterisation of feedstocks considering different biomass fractions, regions and seasonal differences.

D5.5 Report on techno-economic and environmental assessment

Description of potential techno-economic and environmental performance of the HyFlexFuel production technology.

D7.2 HyFlexFuel public website

Create and maintain a public web site providing details and results of the project.

D7.5 HyFlexFuel summer school and training event

Open 3-4 day event with key-note talks from renowned PIs addressing advanced master and PhD students.

D7.6 Final HyFlexFuel Public Workshop and Community Experts Meeting

Final project event to present final results and assess pathway for future exploitation and further development with the project community and external experts.

D7.4 1st HyFlexFuel Public Workshop and Community Experts Meeting

Project mid-term event to present and collect feedback on interim results.

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