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EU routes for High pEnentration of solaR PV into lOcal nEtworkS


Report on pilot model business cases

The Deliverable will contain a business plan for each of those participating in the project community pilots prepared on the basis of performed analyses taking into account all parameters relevant for particular pilot: microgrid infrastructure and energy needs, interferrence with grid, legal environment, etc.

7 seminar reports

The Deliverable will cover a report on performed 7 seminars for each pilot managerial, technical staff and participants from other community projects. Materials on technical solution modalities for each pilot providing knowledge on how energy infrastructure integrated under the pilot is operating, and interrelations of separate energy generation and consumption sub-systems will be presented.

Thematic workshops

Five thematic workshops will allow for getting key stakeholders involved and receive their input during all stages of the project.

One national dissemination event per partner country

Each Member State participating in the project will host a national dissemination event that will bring together national stakeholders with an interest in grid connection of solar PV (including commercial development as well as community solar) to hear and discuss the findings of the project. These events will be completed by month 35 and a short report produced by each of the project partners and submitted with the final report as evidence of completion.

Description of Business models in pilot projects and context analysis

Reports will be prepared with a description of the business models of the pilot projects which is based on the information collected through interviews with stakeholders. The aim of the reports is to give a general overview of the pilot projects and their business models. The report will be completed with the context analysis which describes the environment and the surrounding conditions in which the business model is operating. One report per pilot project and a general executive summary giving an overview of all the pilot projects will be prepared and published on the project website.

Interim Report (reporting period M1-M18) as above required by H2020 rules).

The first reporting period (M1-M18) will be the Interim report according to the H2020 rules. However the Coordinator, together with input from the WP Leaders, will also produce an internal report contacting the progress from M1 to M12 to ensure effective management and to serve as timely input to the Interim report.

Final Stakeholder Engagement community report

Report on all stakeholder engagement processes with a focus on the second half of the project. Final evaluation of effectiveness and helpfulness of stakeholder engagement activities and outreach.

Best practice cases

Based on the analysis of WP4, best practice cases will be presented in a report or factsheet which describe successful business models with little to no impact on the grid. The objective of these documents is to achieve increasing awareness of these business model solutions. Several best practice cases will be presented and published on the project website.

Presentations of project findings

Three presentations of the project findings will be delivered for each Member state and for the project overall. These presentations will report on the practical experience within the pilot projects and case studies, will highlight key recommendations from the project and share key learning for both community solar projects and commercial development of solar PV. Two written articles (for newsletters, blogs, websites or magazines) will also be produced per country. These will be summarized, collated and submitted with the final report on the project.

Training materials for community PV plants operators

The Deliverable will contain a description of the training materials prepared on the basis of outcomes of the training workshops. Training materials will be presenting pilot business cases for administrators of the plants and instructions for operational staff on efficient operation of the power infrastructure. A full set of training materials will be published through the project website for further dissemination.

Final Report (R; M38 as required by H2020 rules)

This Final report will include a final summary of all the management activities developed during the project and be submitted by 2 months following the end of the project.

Interim stakeholder engagement community report

Reporting on the initial stakeholder mapping as well as all stakeholder engagement activities to that point. The report will also serve as an evaluation of different stakeholder processes and allow for adjustments to ensure maximum stakeholder involvement and outreach.

Financial model for economic analysis of PV projects

A financial model will be set up in excel which can be used for the economic analysis of PV projects with different business models. The model will allow the user to introduce data of a project and extract financial results. The model will be made public on the project website.

One EU-level trans-national dissemination event

At the end of the project (in month 35) a single trans-national dissemination event will be held. This will focus on presenting project findings that are of interest EU-wide and on trans-national experience sharing. Wider stakeholders from the energy networks industry, renewables industry, public sector and community energy sector will be invited to the event. An event report will be submitted as evidence of completion.

Project Website

A website will be developed to track the progress of the project and disseminate its results. The website will be established by month 6 and will initially cover the aims of the project and its participants. It will subsequently be populated with reports of the different phases of the project as these are completed.

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