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Development of a mobile device for the quick on-site measurement of soil nutrients


Life cycle assessment

Life cycle assessment of the MobiLab system including life cycle inventory and life cycle impact assessment and report on the comparison of the results with competing soultions

CE certificate

CE certificate for the MobiLab system from a Notified Body

Due diligence

Technical and economic due diligence of the MobiLab system

User manual

User manual of the MobiLab system in German, French, Italian, Spanish and Polish

Cost-benefit analysis

Cost-benefit analysis of the MobiLab system (also considering environmental effects by monetisation) and report on the comparison of the results with competing soultions

LUFA certificate

Certificate for the MobiLab system from the LUFA Nord-West (Germany)

ETV certificate

ETV certificate for the MobiLab system from an accredited Verification Body

Network of “Sustainable Agriculture Experts”

Report on the establishment of a network of “Sustainable Agriculture Experts”

Demonstration trials of “Sustainable Agriculture Experts”

Report on the demonstration trials conducted by the “Sustainable Agriculture Experts”

Education and training programme for “Sustainable Agriculture Experts”

Concept for the education and training programme for “Sustainable Agriculture Experts”

Product website

Product website containing information on the MobiLab system its potentials its functioning principle its advantages on local distributors and Sustainable Agriculture Experts


Compilation of publications about the MobiLab system and the project progress (from at least 5 magazines and 2 journals)

Flyers and brochures

Double-sided flyer briefly summarising the main facts and advantages of MobiLab and 8-page brochure providing more details

Promotion video

Video for the promotion of the MobiLab system focusing on the ease of use, economic advantages for customers, etc.

Patent application

Application for a patent for the MobiLab system


Lab-on-a-chip device for soil nutrient measurements

Author(s): Georgios Kokkinis1,2, Guenther Kriechhammer1, Daniel Scheidl1, Martin Smolka3
Published in: HAICTA 2017 Information and Communication Technologies in Agriculture, Food and Environment, Issue 8th, September 21-24, 2017, 2017, Page(s) 4, ISSN 1613-0073
Publisher: HAICTA

Challenges in The Commercialization of a Capillary Electrophoresis Microfluidic Platform

Author(s): G. KOKKINIS 1, G. KRIECHHAMMER 1, D.L SCHEIDL 1, M. SMOLKA 2 1 Pessl Instruments, Werksweg 107, 8160 Weiz, Austria 2 Joanneum Research GmbH, Franz-Pichler-Straße 30, 8160 Weiz, Austria
Published in: 4th International Congress on Biomaterials & Biosensors, Issue BIOMASTEN 20019 (May 12-18 2019), 2019, Page(s) 57-58
Publisher: Editorial board of Biomatsen 2019

Towards the Commercialization of a Lab-on-a-Chip Device for Soil Nutrient Measurement

Author(s): Georgios Kokkinis, Guenther Kriechhammer, Daniel Scheidl, Bianca Wilfling, Martin Smolka
Published in: Information and Communication Technologies in Modern Agricultural Development - 8th International Conference, HAICTA 2017, Chania, Crete, Greece, September 21–24, 2017, Revised Selected Papers, Issue 953, 2019, Page(s) 118-130, ISBN 978-3-030-12997-2
Publisher: Springer, Cham
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-12998-9_9

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