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A European Training Network for Functional Hybrid Coatings by Molecular Layer Deposition


Press releases

Press releases at M1 (announcing the network kick-off), M6 (announcing the first training school), M18, M30 (announcing intermediate results), M42 (announcing the network conference) and M48 (reporting on the network conference).

Wikipedia page on Hybrid functional coatings & MLD

The ESRs and their advisors will author and maintain a Wikipedia page on hybrid coating and MLD.

Public part

An interactive website will be published to allow world-wide dissemination of the activities and results of the project. The public part of the website will contain general information on MLD, hybrid coatings and public HYCOAT results, and will be continually updated by the ESRs and their supervisors. Both non-expert overviews and in-depth technical information will be available, so that it can be referred to from other more terse forms of communications (e.g. press-releases or public engagement activities.

HYCOAT ESR newsletters

Three HYCOAT newsletters will be edited by the ESRs, and distributed through social media (M18, M30, M48).


Report on the status of recruitment, including an overview of the candidates that postulated, a description of the selection procedure and the Declarations on Conformity of the selected ESRs.

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