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Integrated Design of Engineering Structures


Report containing S-N curves

Task T3.1 Experimental fatigue characterisation [ESR4]: Characterisation of relevant AM material microstructures under dynamic loading will be carried out. This information will be presented in the form of a suitable stress versus number of cycles to failure (S-N) curve to be passed on for further computational assessment of the structure under dynamic loading (WP2)

Report on the performance of metamaterial for their mechanical performance

Task 5.2: Laboratory testing of 3D printed structured material for their vibro-acoustic and thermal performance [ESR3 & ESR4]: The novel material generated in T5.1 will be additively manufactured and its performance for vibration and thermal properties as well as for fatigue will be assessed.

Report on aerothermal optimisation

Task T13 Aerothermal design search optimisation ESR 1 This task aims to combine the developed automated aerothermal analysis process MDO tools within a series of design optimisations of novel heat exchanger architectures for maximum aerothermal performance Particular focus will be given to cellularperiodic structures which can only be readily manufactured via additive manufacturing processes

Report on appropriate knock down factors for environment effects

Task T43 Evaluation of fatigue performance under complex loading and thermal cycles ESR1 ESR4 The baseline behaviour at room temperature will be further compared to effects of more complex combinations of loading and temperature histories to assess changes in fatigue initiation and propagation behaviour in AM microstructures The effect of environment eg salt deposits and moisture on initiation and growth will also be evaluated to incorporate these effects in materials models used in subsequent lifing predictions

Report on multi-disciplinary heat exchanger optimisation

Task T14 Multidisciplinary design search optimisation ESRs 14 As outlined in WPs 24 these work packages aim to develop novel modelling approaches for vibration stress and fatigue analysis The following task aims to include each of these developments within the multidisciplinary design optimisation of a common system whereby aerodynamic thermal vibration and fatigue performance of a system are maximised simultaneously

Delivery of validated constitutive materials models

Task T4.1 Evaluation of appropriate materials constitutive models [ESR4]: Characterisation of relevant materials response (i.e. AM austenitic & duplex stainless steels) under complex loading & thermal cycles will be carried out to evaluate appropriate constitutive materials models for AM microstructures & to assess how microstructural changes during service may affect such models. This will provide a direct input to WP3 (Task T3.2).

Report on gender, societal & ethical issues of exploitation

Report on gender, societal & ethical issues of exploitation

Report on crack initiation propagation data

Task T4.2 Fatigue performance and data evaluation (feeding into WP3) [ESR4]: Informed by the results of T4.1, fatigue assessments of crack initiation & propagation in these AM materials systems will be carried out, to evaluate the constitutive models produced in T4.1 and to validate the lifing approaches developed in WP3 (T3.2)

Report on fatigue lifing methodology for an exemplar structure

Task T3.2 Fatigue life prediction accounting for manufacturing uncertainties [ESR2 & 4]: Informed by the results of Task T4.1, and also the frequency response calculations carried out in WP2 (T2.5), fatigue life prediction capabilities will be developed here. The academic novelty will be in developing new methods within the framework of uncertainty given the likely defect distributions in AM materials.

Researcher Declarations on Conformity

Researcher Declarations on Conformity

Supervisory Board

Supervisory board members appointed.


The impact of tube corrugation within the multi-disciplinary design optimization of a charge air cooler.

Author(s): Singh, Atul, Toal, David, Richardson, Edward, Jose, Kevin, Bhaskar, Atul and Ibsen, Claus (
Published in: 8th European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering, Issue 05 - 09 Jun 2022, 2022, Page(s) 12 pp
Publisher: ECCOMAS

Simulation and experimental estimation of the free wavenumbers for helically grooved tubes

Author(s): Watanabe Bavaresco, M., Ferguson, N., Bhaskar, A. & Ibsen, C. H.
Published in: 10th International Conference on Wave Mechanics and Vibrations : 10th WMVC, Issue 4-6 July 2022, 2022
Publisher: Springer Nature

Estimation of flexural wavenumbers in the presence of multiple wavecomponents

Author(s): Watanabe Bavaresco, M., Ferguson, N., Ibsen, C. H. & Bhaskar, A.
Published in: Internoise 2022, Issue 20-24 August, 2022
Publisher: Internoise

Chladni-like patterns in pillared plates

Author(s): Kevin Jose, Neil Ferguson, Atul Bhaskar
Published in: 11th European Solid Mechanics Conference ESMC2022, Issue Every three years, 2022, Page(s) Paper 235
Publisher: EUROMECH

Branched flows of flexural waves in non-uniform elastic plates.

Author(s): Jose, K., Ferguson, N. & Bhaskar, A
Published in: Communications Physics, Issue 5, 2022, Page(s) 152, ISSN 2399-3650
Publisher: Springer Nature
DOI: 10.1038/s42005-022-00917-z

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