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Aquaculture meets Biomedicine: Innovation in Skeletal Health research.


Consortium Agreement

Consortium Agreement finalized

Dissemination and Outreach plan including website.

Disseminate project activities and results (d6.1, M4), both to professionals (fish farmers, stakeholders, researchers) and the public. Public reports from the different WPs will also be made available through the site. A page on a social network (i.e., Facebook) will be created and coordinated, directed for a larger non-scientific audience

In vivo and in vitro systems to test osteogenic activities

At the molecular level, skeletal formation and homeostasis depends on the presence of specific cells and their differentiation, proliferation and function in skeletal tissues influences extracellular matrix (ECM) and hydroxyapatite deposition. Osteoblast- and chondroblast-like skeletal derived cells from teleosts will be used as experimental model systems to assess the effects of micronutrients, at the cellular level, on the capacity to mineralize the ECM

BioMedAqC Supervisory Guidelines and ETN Training program.

Set up SB, Recruitment guidelines, Satellite Meetings and supervision infrastructure

Report on the recruitment for all ESR posts, Consortium agreement.

Establishment of criteria for ESRs recruitment, announcement of ESR selection, selection and adoption in local Academic Doctorate Schools will be managed and coordinated as described in sec. 4.2. The lead partner is ULPGC, assisted in all steps by the SB

Supervisory Board

Supervisory board recruited.

BioMedAqC Web page/intranet.

An BioMedAqC web page will be prepared to disseminate project activities and results

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