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Setting the framework for the enhanced impact of SPIRE projects

Deliverables update to incorporate project output frameworks

Following the development of frameworks to capture outputs from SPIRE projects in WP4, ASPIRE will lead work to implement framework recommendations on the website. If considerable development work is required, some modifications may be recommended for implementation beyond the timeframe of SPRING.

Training package on website

Deliverable to publish SPRING training package on SPIRE website and provide associated communication to SPIRE stakeholders.

Secure project portal, website and extranet established

Establish the means for internal consortium communication and sharing of data. Establish public facing website for the project (through the portal)

Training and presentation package for communicating value and impact of SPIRE projects

This deliverable takes the learning from the SPRING reports into a training and presentation package that can be used to inform current and future SPIRE projects about best practice approaches for communicating value and impact.

Final recommondations and gaps report

Building on D4.5, this report summarises the remaining gaps and recommendations for enhancing the impact of SPIRE projects.

Framework proposal for capturing education/ training resources

Proposal for framework for capturing education/ training resources from SPIRE projects.

Thematic workshop structure guidance

Building on D4.4, this report details guidance for structuring and running future thematic workshops.

Guidance for framing SPIRE projects outputs on

Final dissemination guidance report for how the portal should be structured in order to frame outputs from SPIRE projects. This report guides the implementation steps in D5.3.

Final Exploitation Plan

Final summary report detailing exploitable outputs from the project.

Guidance for project progress, impact and success measurement published

This deliverable takes the guidance proposal from D4.8 into a published form, disseminated to the SPIRE community and broader stakeholders.

Final Data Management Plan

Summary report detailing final data management plan for information collected in SPRING.

Thematic Workshops

A minimum of two thematic workshops will be run to test and demonstrate guidance on best practice.

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How to Improve Impact Reporting for Sustainability

Author(s): Vedran Lesic, Richard Hodgett, Alan Pearman, Amy Peace
Published in: Sustainability, Issue 11/6, 2019, Page(s) 1718, ISSN 2071-1050
DOI: 10.3390/su11061718