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Mass-customisation of custom-made medical implants


Development of 18 Quality Control Gates for Additive Manufacturing of Error Free Patient-Specific Implants

Author(s): Daniel Martinez-Marquez, Milda Jokymaityte, Ali Mirnajafizadeh, Christopher P. Carty, David Lloyd, Rodney A. Stewart
Published in: Materials, Issue 12/19, 2019, Page(s) 3110, ISSN 1996-1944
Publisher: MDPI Open Access Publishing
DOI: 10.3390/ma12193110

Intellectual Property Rights


Application/Publication number: LT 81957
Date: 2019-08-26
Applicant(s): UAB ORTHO BALTIC

fit 2 patient

Application/Publication number: LT 2019 2072
Date: 2019-11-18
Applicant(s): UAB ORTHO BALTIC

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