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Governing Nanotechnologies through societal engagement


GoNano has as its main objective to improve the responsiveness of research & innovation processes to public values and concerns. The project builds on previous projects in public engagement and new technologies to develop a pilot project in each of the nanotechnology research areas ‘Health’, ‘Energy’ and ‘Food’. The pilot projects will engage citizens with researchers, professional users, civil society organisations, industry, and policy makers in a continuous process of deliberative workshops and online consultations to co-create concrete suggestions for future nanotechnologies. GoNano will build a broad community of ‘change agents’ for integrating an ‘RRI way’ of working on research and innovation, and it will develop and disseminate an RRI business case to align public values, needs and concerns with industry’ for profit ambition. GoNano builds on the basic assumption that several types of knowledge are needed to define sustainability, acceptability, and desirability of nanotechnologies, as well as the belief that online and offline engagement activities must be combined with a creative approach to dissemination and communication to ensure continued interest and engagement in the debate on nanotechnologies future application. GoNano believes that its interactive and open approach to: developing the nanotechnology product suggestion; writing policy recommendation and building an RRI business case; informing and educating about nanotechnology as well as the value of co-creation will build trust and mutual understanding among all the stakeholders, including public and private stakeholders and citizens.

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