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Adaptable and adaptive RES envelope solutions to maximise energy harvesting and optimize EU building and district load matching


Project Brand Book

It contains all issues related to the defined project identity

Project Template (word & ppt)

Definition of the Project Template (word & ppt)

Analysis of regulatory framework and standardization needs

It describes the specific regulatory framework and testing plan for the products to be developed in EnergyMatching

District and building level systems for optimised use of locally harvested renewable energy

It describes the district and building level systems for optimised use of locally harvested renewable energy

Parametric modelling environment (in Modelica) for buildings cluster simulation

It is a simulation test bed containing building archetypes models and control strategies for optimize RES harvesting through energy flexibility of cluster of buildings, exploring the synergy between thermal and electrical grids at district scale, and analysis available generation and demand profiles.

Window block samples for laboratory testing

It consists in the fabrication of all the functional samples needed for mockups and laboratory testing.

EnMa-mod: tool for optimization of RES harvesting at building and district scale

It is a tool which entails different levels of complexity integrating various simulation blocks to be able to include the following parameters in the modelling environment: energy generation, load matching, heating and cooling demand, daylighting, IEQ, economics.

Integration substructure samples with integrated PV modules for laboratory testing

It includes the manufacturing of all the necessary functional samples for laboratory testing at system level (structure + PV modules) for roof and façade configurations, which will be performed in task 3.8.

Glass-glass PV module samples for laboratory testing

It includes all the glass-glass modules samples necessary for laboratory testing that will be provided by ONYX to TULIPPS to be integrated in the lightweight substructure in task 3.4

Composite PV modules samples for laboratory testing

It consists in the provision of all the necessary samples of the composite based, crystalline silicon PV modules for laboratory testing.


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Project Logo

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A review of urban energy systems at building cluster level incorporating renewable-energy-source (RES) envelope solutions

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New method for the early design of BIPV with electric storage: A case study in northern Italy

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A systematic review of recent air source heat pump (ASHP) systems assisted by solar thermal, photovoltaic and photovoltaic/thermal sources

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Transforming a residential building cluster into electricity prosumers in Sweden: Optimal design of a coupled PV-heat pump-thermal storage-electric vehicle system

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A Modelling Approach for Maximizing Energy Matching at Building Cluster and District Scale

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Open Source Tool for a Better Design of BIPV+ Battery System: An Applied Example

Author(s): Marco Lovati, David Moser, Jennifer Adami
Published in: EU PVSEC 2018, 2018

Adaptive window block for residential use: optimization of energy efficiency and user´s comfort

Author(s): Annalisa Andaloro, Stefano Avesani, Annamaria Belleri , Maider Machado
Published in: Final conference of COST TU1403 “Adaptive Facades Network” Lucerne, November 26/27 2018, 2018

EnergyMatching Project – Adaptable and Adaptive RES Envelope Solutions to Maximize Energy Harvesting and Optimize EU Building and District Load Matching

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Multifunctional Coated Composite Material for Encapsulation of Photovoltaic Devices

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Published in: EU PVSEC 2019, 2019