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Innovative compact HYbrid electrical/thermal storage systems for low energy BUILDings


Functional requirements specification

Definition of the system operation and the system layout for advanced control prototyping and the development of the BEMS

Smart system algorithms

Description of the algorithms developed, mathematical representation of the building/plant system, definition of inputs, outputs, and optimization objectives, algorithms for the exploration of the space of possible solutions for predictive control.

DC driven compression heat pump tests successful

Installation and stand-alone operation of the two DC powered compression heat pumps with validation of the DC inverter/ and bus controller

Communication plan

Communication plan for the project to ensure maximum and visibility and impact of the project outcomes.

Dissemination and exploitation plan

Dissemination and exploitation plan for the project to ensure maximum and visibility and impact of the project outcomes.

Configuration of the hard- and software interfaces of the DCS finished

Description of describes the connection of drives, controls and measurements to the industrial process control system (PCS), its configuration, development of the human machine interface and interface to software for advanced control and simulation.

Internal and external communication strategy

Strategy including objectives, target audience, message, communication activities and tools needed to answer the communication targets.

Data Management Plan (DMP)

First draft of the DMP will all pertinent regulations of data management, access, preservation, etc.

Modular flow sheet simulation of the hybrid (sub-)system

Description of the integration of the generic dynamic unit and component models in a basic dynamic flowsheet simulation. This flowsheet is the hybrid sub-system defined by the core components of the hybrid storage, that are the high temperature latent storage and DC driven heat pump and electrical battery.

Stakeholder advisory board description of tasks and composition

SHAB composition (with proof of acceptance by members) and description of its functions.

HYBUILD business model

Report documenting the project level business model canvasing and market analysis results with the intent of facilitating project replication planning activities.

Full hybrid storage integrated

Description of the integration phase of the hybrid storage, with particular focus on the hydraulic and electric integration of the main components

Report on performance tests on the operation of the electrical energy storage

- Installation and test of the electrical energy storage under lab-controlled operating conditions.

HYBUILD optimised building management system

Releasing of the implemented BEMS according to the performed optimization procedure.

Report on adsorber/desorber and evaporator/condenser design and manufacturing

Final design of the adsorption thermal storage module: adsorber, evaporator and condenser and components manufacturing.

Technical and market review codes studies, national and European certification frameworks

Report with a deep review of codes and certification framework.

HYBUILD Flipbook

Flipbook (online interactive environment) populated by project watch activity results.

Web-based platform

Web-site for external communication and dissemination, and for internal information management.

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