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Pilot Component Preparation for Full-scale Pilot (Oslo)

Deployment and testing of software and hardware components to be used in the pilot, to prepare for the full-scale pilot implementation. Contribute to D2.6.

Full-Scale Pilot Implementation for Smart Charge and EV Fleet Management

Integrated smart charging solution installed prepared for integrating battery swapping hub and shared homeowner charging points solutions with smart planning booking and billing solutions and balanced with local energy use and electricity production

Full-Scale Pilot Implementation in Building Block

Integrated smart charging solution installed in the building block, prepared for balancing charging of EVs with local energy use and electricity production.

Full-Scale Pilot Implementation for Car Sharing

Integrated smart charging solution installed for car-sharing, including charging infrastructure and 2nd use EV-battery storage.

GreenCharge SUMP eMobility Approach

Leaflet of 8 pages describing the GreenCharge approach to integrating eMobility into SUMP.

Innovation News & Updates

Overview on web-site of new initiatives, new research results, new products and new user needs that are of relevance to eMobility. The overview will be continuously updated until end of project. Contribute to Result R_RD.

European Workshop e-mobility and SUMP

SUMP demonstrator within GreenCharge and to discussconclude the guidelines D 72

Stakeholder Acceptance Evaluation Methodology and Plan

Describes evaluation methodology and schedule for the analysis of stakeholder acceptance, including data collection plan.

Intermediate Evaluation Result for Stakeholder Acceptance Analysis

Describes evaluation results and lessons learned from stakeholder acceptance analysis providing feedback to further refinement of business model designs and technology prototyping

Evaluation Design

This report will describe evaluation methodology and schedule including data collection plan. It will also include the requirement analysis and architecture design of evaluation tools and methods.

Stakeholder Analysis Report

Describes the result of the stakeholder analysis, identifying the concerns and needs from all stakeholders relevant for GreenCharge.

Dissemination and Exploitation Plan (V1)

Describes updated and confirmed plans for the dissemination and exploitation of results and the completed and planned communication activities.

Description of Oslo Pilot and User Needs

Describe Oslo pilot in terms of challenges, user needs, use cases, scenarios, stakeholders and locations to be involved and the baseline. This will be input to D2.1.

Initial Version of Business Models

Provides an overview of the business models and use cases defined during the first round of workshops accompanied by requirements from a business perspective and an indication of potential markets.

Intermediate Result for Innovation Effects Evaluation

Describe evaluation results and lessons learned from first iteration evaluation of the integrated technical solution and business models effects both from field trials on the three pilots and from simulations

Communication Strategy and Plan

Defines target audiences and the key messages for /type of engagement needed with each group. Defines different channels and mechanisms to be used for communication. Will be continuously refined during the project.

Implementation Plan for Oslo Pilot

Describe the planning of the tests to be carried out at the pilot site. It includes scenarios to be demonstrated, time schedules, stakeholders and locations selected, users selected for workshops and for testing, hardware and software to be installed, tests to be run and data to be collected, etc. Contribute to D 2.5, D2.6. Will be updated during the project.

Revised Business Models

Provide an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the business models and use cases prototyped after the first round of workshops, together with an overview of new and revised business models that will be prototyped after the second round of workshops accompanied by requirements from a business perspective and an indication of potential markets.

Initial Architecture Design and Interoperability Specification

Describes the initial version of the GreenCharge architecture and the specification of interfaces and protocols for interoperability.

Data Management Plan

Describes the internal procedures for dealing with the collection and handling of data from the pilots in order to make them as open research data, including the necessary permissions for handling private data, and the necessary forms of informed consent and documentation of technical solution for secure data storage.

Simulation and Visualisation Tools (initial version)

Software prototype that extends the CoSSMic simulator to reproduce the GreenCharge neighbourhoods, business models and scenarios with support for visualisation and interpretation of evaluation results.

Simulation and Visualisation Tools (revised version)

Revised software prototype for simulation and visualisation

Data Collection and Evaluation Tools

This combines online surveys, App to be integrated into mobile devices and/or charging points to collect stakeholder feedback on GreenCharge solutions.


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Environmental Informatics: Techniques and Trends

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Stakeholder Motivation Analysis for Smart and Green Charging for Electric Mobility

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