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Mobility Environmentally-friendly, Integrated and economically Sustainable Through innovative Electromobility Recharging infrastructure and new business models


Dissemination Master Plan

It will provide systematic information on raising awareness of the project’s activities, goals and results. It will describe the target audiences, key messages, outreach activities and communication channels.

Existing services in other sites

Description of e-mobility ecosystems in other cities and analysis of their strengths and weaknesses

Strategic Outline Business Cases

Before month 13, the 11 Strategic Outline Business Case will be approved by each city and its stakeholders. The SOBC will include the content described above. They will be the base for strategic decisions in each pilot and for each service or product. Best practices will be shared by the three cities.

Integration report

The deliverable will report on the component integration, including corresponding tests, into the complete MEISTER e-mobility interoperable platform.

Smart grid services implementation

Report of the implementation of the smart grid integration software including a demo of the MEISTER Smart Charging and Storage Platform able to optimally manage the charging and discharging processes of the EVs while responding to the flexibility requests of the grid.

Pilot Implementation Execution Plan

The deliverable will summarize and schedule the organizational and technical task to prepare and realize the demonstration of MEISTER tools and business models in the pilots.

EeMEC´s annual Action Plan 1

The EeMEC action plan for its first year of running will be reported in this deliverable

MEISTER Architecture

The deliverable will include full specification of the MEISTER architecture, the required data exchange models, and necessary interfaces among various components and for external communications.

Project handbook

The reporting procedures, communication policies, IPR strategy and set of templates to be used within the project will be included in the project handbook.

Smart grid services design

Report of the design of the modules, functionalities and services of the MEISTER Smart Charging and Storage Platform including data models, data exchanges, standards, protocols, algorithms and preliminary mock-ups of the tool.

Diagnosis and analysis of stakeholders´ interests and needs

The deliverable will summarize the findings collected and analysed in task 4.2

Data Management Plan

This deliverable will include information required in the Guidelines on Data Management in Horizon 2020.

MEISTER Service Specification

The deliverable will include site specific service specifications and common services specifications for the whole MEISTER e-mobility interoperable platform.

Outline Business Cases

At least the elaboration of one Outline Business Case will result from each Strategic Outline Business Case. Each one of them will detail the case and incorporate new content such as indicators, financial feasibility, final commercial strategy, etc. Best practices will be shared by the three cities.

EeMEC´s design

A report detailing the EeMEC organization, legal personality, financing, governance, and the other relevant information about the definition of the EeMEC.

Dissemination plan and dissemination activities 1

Yearly the dissemination plan will be updated, and a report on dissemination activities will be provided.

Specification of MEISTER Applications

This deliverable will include: specifications of the MEISTER Intelligent Billing & Roaming Platform for the charging point operators, specifications for the Integrated real-time information and booking services smart phone app for individual EV drivers, specifications for the urban logistics companies app, specifications for the mobility display for housing companies and specifications for the smart e-mobility dashboard for the city management, to be developed.

EeMEC´s creation

The formal set-up and launch of the EeMEC

Project website

MEISTER Project website

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MEISTER: fostering smart e-mobility large scale adoption in European cities

Author(s): Marqués, Antonio; Bellver, Patricia
Published in: Issue 1, 2020
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3747347

MEISTER: fostering smart e-mobility large scale adoption in European cities

Author(s): Marques, Antonio; Bellver, Patricia
Published in: Issue 1, 2019
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3747371