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Transport: Advanced and Modular


Preliminary designs

Designs of shop and ship modules: Hull lines, general arrangement and stability; structural design; energy system; propulsion; passenger module; cockpit module; and land-side infrastructure.

Parametric design and multi-objective optimisation

Parametric design model of hull geometry, arrangements and driving unit; includes assessment of the ship’s design properties.

Smart City Mobility Interfaces

Derive recommendations for Europe-wide standardization processes on mobility hubs with water-land interfaces.

Preliminary Requirements

Requirement for methods development in WP3-6, including both operator, end-user, design and industry requirements; industry requirements include compatibility with present modularity approaches (SFI and similar systems).

Energy System Optimization

Modelling the energy systems to show relationships between batteries, chargers, costs, capabilities and other factors.

Documented Systems Interfaces

Documentation on how the ferry will connect with both the land-side energy system, and smart-city mobility concepts.

Restrictions for parametric ship modules

Conceptual design using functional relationships for volume, weight, and power requirements; leading to limits of design applicability.

Discipline specific production restrictions

Documentation of restrictions of applied manufacturing technologies for the maritime industry in production specific system models.

Risk Control and Improvements

Identify and address risk levels associated with the produced designs; pointing to possible reliability issues, and propose improvements to the design.

Propulsion test Stavanger demonstrator

Resistance and self-propulsion model test for the demonstrator in WP6; verification of numerical results and prediction of full scale performance.

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Numerical Investigation of the Resistance of a Zero-Emission Full-Scale Fast Catamaran in Shallow Water

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TrAM – Transport: Advanced and Modular

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Hydrodynamic Optimisation and Model Testing Campaign successfully completed for the prototype of the full electric fast ferry vessel – the Stavanger Demonstrator!

Author(s): Persönliche Ausgabe, Belegexemplar, , Kd.Nr.: 910101010, Abo-Nr. 521925. Weitergabe an Dritte urheberrechtlich untersagt
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Optimization of the Propulsive Efficiency of a Fast Catamaran

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