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Shared mobility opporTunities And challenges foR European citieS


A toolbox for policy makers for faster shift to shared mobility

A toolbox will be assembled to correlate each policy context to a business model from WP 3 and to a corresponding car sharing typology among those defined in WP 2.

Automotive sector potential impact on vehicle sales and substitution patterns

The impacts of the diffusion of car sharing services in the automotive sector will be assessed in terms of projected sales of both conventionally fuelled and electric vehicles.

Assessment report of existing car-sharing business models and evidence of impacts on the industrial sector

This deliverable will collate evidence on the impact of car sharing services and associated business model innovation on the automotive industry value chain as a whole.

Report on dissemination and public communication activities

Report on dissemination and public communication activities, including quantitative measures of efficiency and effectivess of the actions taken according to the dissemination plan.

User profiles of different car sharing variants, determinants of car-sharing use and structural conversion models

Service-specific user profiles will be established in defined European cities, showing what factors trigger conversion to different car sharing variants, will be identified.

Key technology and social innovation drivers for car-sharing

This deliverable will investigate how the diffusion of the services can be matched with both the emergence of social innovation patterns and with the growing use of app-based and other Web 2.0 services

Analysis of business models for car sharing

The typology of different business models through which car sharing is being implemented will be analysed using criteria such as ownership, membership, geographic location and scope, extension beyond car sharing, revenue streams.

Car sharing in Europe: a multidimensional classification and inventory

This deliverable will clarify the different typologies of car sharing practices in Europe according to type of sharing, business model, technology contents, characteristics of the city etc.

Segmentation of urban mobility styles and their affinity to car sharing variants

The aim of the deliverable is to gather insight into the potential for change by exploring the affinity to car sharing within different segments. The segmentation also will be the first step to establish a standardized tool that allows city authorities to assess the mobility styles in their communities as part of a decision tool.

Report on outcomes of the “Innovation Camp”

Both papers presented at STARS Innovation Camp, related presentations and minutes of the scientific meeting will be included in a booklet.

Evaluation report on the historic growth, current status and likely future trends for car sharing schemes in the EU

Evidence from both previous studies and ad-hoc interviews with key players on the impacts of existing car sharing services on the automotive market will be provided.

"Proceedings of Stakeholder Workshop #2"

"Both papers presented at the Stakeholder Workshop #1, related presentations and minutes of the scientific meeting will be included in a booklet."

Mobility scenarios of car sharing: gap analysis and impacts in the cities of tomorrow

The deliverable will investigate what impact each system has on car ownership, mobility habits and the consumption of public space. The resulting scenarios will be evaluated to estimate their impacts on congestion and use of infrastructures, environment, safety, social cohesion and opportunities for different categories of citizens.

The growth of car sharing in a business as usual scenario

This task will collect information on the development plans of sharing mobility schemes in the short and medium term that are already being prospected by different service operators.

An integrated model of driving factors for conversion to car-sharing

The deliverable will assemble the empirical evidence collected in WPs 2, 3 and 4 to give an overall picture of the underlying mechanisms behind observed behavioural changes towards an increased use of shared mobility services.

Business models investigation report: winner and loser business model chart and impacts on public transportation

The feasibility of new business models will be assessed by considering the following potential lines of evolution: 1) innovative procurement schemes, 2) public-private partnerships, 3) new implementation processes that lead to bankable projects.

"Proceedings of Stakeholder Workshop #1"

"Both papers presented at the Stakeholder Workshop #1, related presentations and minutes of the scientific meeting will be included in a booklet."

Policy brief on car-sharing for the European Elections of 2019

Key information coming from project activities will be condensed in a policy brief on car-sharing in order to stimulate the debate in view of the European Elections of 2019

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