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Re-designing access to CH for a wider participation in preservation, (re)use and management of European culture


The three-year REACH project will establish a Social Platform as a sustainable space for meeting, discussion and collaboration by a wide-ranging network of development bodies, tourism, education, creative industries, cultural heritage professionals, academic experts, arts practitioners, professionals in archives and galleries, associations and interest groups representative of non-professionals and local societies, and policy-makers – all those with a stake in research in the field of culture and CH.
The REACH Social Platform’s activities will have a twofold scope:
- Support: to map and provide analysis of research results achieved in previous programmes, to identify current and emerging research trends, and to offer authoritative new knowledge of the CH field to the European Commission and policy makers;
- Coordination: to offer benefits to its participants, expanding knowledge of complementary research domains, and of new participatory research methodologies, generating opportunities for cooperation, offering pathways to wider user engagement with research outputs.
In the context of radical social changes taking place at global levels, Europe faces a serious challenge: the need for its citizens to live together in peace and mutual respect and to value and enjoy the diversity of cultures, which they bring to their respective societies. The REACH project is based on the proposition that CH plays an important role in contributing to social integration in Europe, and that a fuller and more detailed picture of the range, type and impact of research and participatory research methodologies, current and future, associated with these subjects will further enhance their potential for social good.

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