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Industrial Modular Battery Pack Concept Addressing High Energy Density, Environmental Friendliness, Flexibility and Cost Efficiency for Automotive Applications


Dissemination and Communication Plan

Full Dissemination and Communication Plan, including details on Dissemination and Communication objectives, target groups and stakeholders, tools and channels, indicators and targets, and action plan for implementation.

Battery pack tests at lab scale

CEA will accomplish full tests on module before testing the full BP

Referenced LCA

RSC will fix an initial picture of the LCA with respect to the SoA. All partners will feed RSC with the necessary information

Selection of battery pack tests

Led by end users REN and EGO, the automotive BP standards will be analysed and tests selected to be accomplished by CEA, AIT and RWTH at laboratory and in car.

Thermal conditioning secondary components design (M12)

The cooling secondary components involve the cover of the BP and as an option, bulk parts of the BP. RSC will contribute with a thermal conductive material that can be used in those parts of the whole BP product. AIT and RWTH will report their thermal simulations as well as HEX their mechanical ones.

Comparison of suitable high energy density cells for automotive applications (M3)

REN, EGO, TYVA, CID, ISE and AIT will share their knowledge on the cell market in order to select the most suitable high energy density cell brands. RSC will execute an analysis of cells recyclability in close contact to WP7

Project Website

Report on the iModBatt project website, including project objectives, partner profiles, connections with social media, project reports and other relevant communication


Ante-mortem analysis, electrical, thermal, and ageing testing of state-of-the-art cylindrical lithium-ion cells

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Application Dependent End-of-Life Threshold Definition Methodology for Batteries in Electric Vehicles

Author(s): Mikel Arrinda, Mikel Oyarbide, Haritz Macicior, Eñaut Muxika, Hartmut Popp, Marcus Jahn, Boschidar Ganev, Iosu Cendoya
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