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Mobility and Time Value

Project description

Value of travel time in theory and practice

The concept of value of travel time (VTT) holds great significance for decision makers, transportation planners, engineers, and economists involved in transportation infrastructure projects. The EU-funded MoTiV project aims to advance research on VTT and expand our current understanding of it at both the theoretical and technological level. The project will introduce and validate a conceptual framework for estimating subjective VTT. This will be achieved through the collection of European-wide data using the Woorti smartphone app, which allows for contextual mobility surveys, enabling users to assess their travel experiences across different modes of transportation. By leveraging the value proposition of mobility, the project seeks to explore emerging perspectives on VTT.


The “Mobility and Time Value” (MoTiV) addresses emerging needs and perspectives on Value of Travel Time (VTT), a relevant research area particularly valuable to decision-makers, transportation planners, engineers, and economists in the context of projects aiming at enhancing transportation infrastructure.

MoTiV main goal is to contribute to advance research on VTT by introducing and validating a conceptual framework for the estimation of VTT through a European-wide data collection. The data will be gathered through the Woorti smartphone app, which enables carrying out contextual mobility surveys integrating a user's assessment of the travel experience across transport modes. At a conceptual level, the project introduces a new definition and methodology for the estimation of VTT based on the value proposition of mobility. This approach allows exploring emerging views of VTT that consider not only its economic dimension, but also motivations, preferences and behaviours linked to the broader concept of individual well-being.

The project will therefore extend current knowledge on VTT at theoretical and technological levels. A European-wide behavioural and mobility dataset will be made available to the scientific community to stimulate further research on the topic. In addition to decision-makers, transportation planners, engineers, and economists, and other actors engaged in mobility and transportation projects, the results of the project are expected to contribute to the development of new mobility services and to the extension of existing applications for informed travellers. MoTiV will as well provide a direct value to the end user by allowing to easily track, understand, and re-evaluate individual mobility and travel decisions, with the aim making best use of one’s own time in line with personal motivations, preferences, and lifestyle.

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