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EU Relevant, Inclusive, Timely, Trusted, and Open Research Innovation Indicators


Validation stage report

Validation report Conclusions about qualitative and quantitative and triangulation outputs

Innovation cases report

Innovation cases Working paper

Scoping phase report: using new data to address R&I policy needs
Project Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation plan

Project communication, dissemination and exploitation plan will be developed in order to manage this aspect of the project implementation.

User research report
Indicator coverage scoreboard
Final report - publication

Final report

Audit of new R&I data
Organisational implications report

Organisational implications of new data for RI policy report

Literature review report: The role of data in the R&I policy cycle
End of Pilot phase review

End of pilot phase review and workshops

Scale-up pilots working paper(s)

Scale up pilots working papers

Conceptual model about the use of R&I in policy report

Implications report conclusions of the conceptual model and organisational analysis

Design of data collection phase

Validated design for the data-collection strategy

Pilots research results

Pilots research results, code and data (1 per pilot)

Code and data repositories

Documents and electronic repositories with all the code developed datasets and the documentation to make use of the deliverables 41 and 43

Visualization output

Visualization output for each of the scaledup data subprojects

Quantitative methods

Set of quantitative methods embedded in open software tools for data collection and integration

R&I performance indicators

Set of tested RI performance indicators that can be used combining data models and tools from D42

Pilots specification note

Pilot specification note / one per pilot

Visualization prototype

A visualization prototype for each of the data pilots


Deep learning, deep change? Mapping the development of the Artificial Intelligence General Purpose Technology. ArXiv Preprint

Author(s): Klinger, J., Mateos-Garcia, J., & Stathoulopoulos, K.
Published in: ArXiv, 2018, Page(s) 26 pages, 16 figures
Publisher: ArXiv

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