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New issues in the Analysis of Business Cycles


Data Management Plan

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Employment and the Collateral Channel of Monetary Policy.

Author(s): Paolo Surico, Saleem Bahaj, Angus Foulis, Gabor Pinter
Published in: Bank of England Staff Working Papers, Issue 827, 2019

Capital, Income Inequality, and Consumption: the Missing Link.

Author(s): Florin O. Bilbiie, Diego R. Känzig, Paolo Surico.
Published in: CEPR Discussion Paper Series, Issue 14118, 2020

Monetary Policy, Corporate Finance and Investment.

Author(s): James Cloyne, Clodomiro Ferreira, Maren Froemel, Paolo Surico
Published in: NBER Working Paper, Issue 25366, 2019
DOI: 10.3386/w25366