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Support to the activities of the European Technology and Innovation Platform on Deep Geothermal


Database of internal stakeholders

map the stakeholders that could contribute to the prepara¬tion and implementation of the strategic documents to be produced by ETIP on deep geothermal

Short promotional movie

Short film to present the geothermal sector

Data sharing platform

implement an information web-based platform using modern ICT technologies, which will provide a framework for data access, retrieve and query.

Electronic Newsletter for external distribution

Regularly preparing and circulating a Newsletter for general distribution to the members as well as other interested stakeholders

Upgrade Platform website

Additional features would be included to the already existing ETIP website

Report on competitiveness of the geothermal industry

assess the status of the deep geothermal industry in Europe, and its competitiveness on the global market.

Report on common and cross-thematic RD&I needs and complementary RD&I actions

evaluate the input from the external stakeholders to identify common as well as cross-thematic RD&I needs as well as complementary RD&I and support actions.

Position papers, recommendations and strategy papers

Building on the results of Deliverables 3.1 and 3.2, various position papers, policy recommendations and strategy papers will be drafted to present the common policy messages of the ETIP on Deep Geothermal and related stakeholders

Roadmap of Deep Geothermal RD&I

Developing a Geothermal Roadmap focusing on the implementation of the geothermal SRA

Presentation at international conferences

After identifying relevant events, different members of the Platform will be requested to participate to major events, and partners can exhibit with a booth at a trade fair in order to promote the work of the Platform, as well as the deep geothermal sector

Press pack

The press-pack (for the international press) to present the Platform's activities and the different technologies

Two Platform flyers

Design and publication of two flyers presenting the DG-ETIP to be circulated to relevant events and stakeholders

Recruitment material

booklet (250 ex.) explaining the benefits of DG and describing the objectives and timing of the DG-ETIP

Vision of Deep Geothermal RD&I

The publication of a Deep Geothermal Vision

Policy events

Organisation of face to face meetings with representatives from relevant European and National institutions, and of political events, such as a dinner debate or a High level political event

Minutes of the second internal stakeholder workshop

external stakeholders that could contribute to the development of deep geothermal and that could be contacted to contribute to the preparation and implemen¬tation of strategic documents

Strategic planning document for policy activities

This Strategic document will provide guidance to the Policy Working Group, by identifying a policy timeline as well as a list of actions to be undertaken

Communication strategy and media plan

Definition of a Communication strategy, clearly defining actions which are going to be undertaken by the DG-ETIP in order to improve its visibility and attract new members. A media plan defining media to be covered is also going to be prepared

Factsheets to present financial instruments for deep geothermal demonstration projects

presenting innovative funding instruments for RD&I in deep geothermal technologies

Press releases

Drafting of regular press releases in order to highlight relevant events involving the Platform

Monitoring report

EGEC will be in charge of monitoring the performance indicators. The consortium will evaluate and monitor the impact of the project through several indicators and milestones such as: 1) Growing number of stakeholders 2) Monitoring the implementation of the roadmap and the SRA and the SET plan DoI targets 3) Monitoring market development

Strategic Research Agenda of Deep Geothermal RD&I

Developing the deep geothermal technology Strategic Research Agenda (SRA)

Mapping of relevant policy and regulatory issues

Mapping of relevant policy and regulatory issues: Creation of a list of policy and regulatory issues that identifies those topics which can of general interest to the deep geothermal sector. This list will be annually updated in order to take into account new developments

EC and MS Meeting reports

engaging with EC H2020 programme committee and national reference persons, e.g. SET PLAN representatives, for assisting in the drafting of Work Programs, and for providing the necessary information related to proper funding and policy to support the RD&I in the Deep Geothermal sector

Minutes of the first internal stakeholder workshop

external stakeholders that could contribute to the development of deep geothermal and that could be contacted to contribute to the preparation and implemen¬tation of strategic documents

Annual conference

All actions related to the successful organisation of the annual conference (including: programme definition, logistics, communication, registration...). The annual Conference will be planned and organised in close agreement with the SC of the Platform

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