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Better Rural Innovation: Linking Actors, Instruments and Policies through Networks



Establishment of a homepage for the project

LIAISON project flyer

LIAISON logo, flyer (Practice Abstract) will be available for stakeholder events (Task 6.1)

IT tool 'Story map'

Interactive online knowledge base and 'story map' of rural multi-actor interactive innovation project approaches is online available, and shows Contest entries.

Report on the state-of-the-art of innovation impact assessment

Report on the state-of-the-art review of innovation impact assessment approaches; the review provides the starting point for the following WP5-tasks, WP6 and WP7.

Discussion paper on challenges innovation actors are facing

Discussion paper 'Challenges innovation actors are facing, and the related research and in-formation needs'; D6.1 results drive T6.2-6.4 and WP7; it feeds in WP1, and Task 3.1 ('light-touch' review) and Task 4.1/D4.1

Discussion paper on key issues emerging from 'Light-touch review'

Discussion paper for the participatory thematic working group.

Report on the role of different actors and governance bodies

Report presenting the role of various actors and organisations at the international and global scale; it is the main result of Task 1.2, will fuel the working groups in M15 and feed into WP3-7

First analysis of mechanisms in support of innovation

Report showing the lessons learned from the first analysis of support mechanisms; it is the main result of Task 1.3, and will feed into the working groups in M15 and into WP3-7

Ligth-touch' review database

Database of at least 750 projects and shortlist of 200 projects for 'light-touch' review. The da-tabase is basis for T3.3-3.4 and WP4, and feeds into WP5-WP7