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Traffic levels on strategic roads will be 24% higher in 2040 than they are today. Without investment, conditions on the most important routes are expected to worsen by 2040. Smart City solutions are expected to attract €1.415 trillion in expenditures by 2020, with Smart Mobility alone accounting for 8% of this spending, creating a €1.1bn market. Traffic management, road maintenance and planning new infrastructures are the 3 main factors to successfully contribute to the growing vehicles mobility needs. An opportunity arises in using smart traffic data to optimise long-term road management, allowing for a more efficient use of resources in infrastructure planning and maintenance. It is estimated that over $1 trillion can be saved in the next 20 years through a more efficient infrastructure productivity plan, of which 25% are related to road networks alone. SMApp is the first smart, standardised, web based tool to monitor, analyse and predict traffic data information in real time over a road network. Through our propietary LPR (License Plates Recognition) algorithm we will be able to obtain a truly global and continuous road network solution (currently being discreet over specific sections) by OD matrices, gaining access to a source of accurate, objective and valuable data in an unprecedented manner, to provide a more efficient planning and maintenance of the existing and future road networks.Since 2009, we have already invested €620K to develop SMApp to its current functional prototype stage, which is being tested by the Spanish National Traffic Authority (DGT) and proofing our Technology Readiness Level at 6. Setting a selling price between €100K and €300K per annum, including the maintenance fee for the service, for an average of 85% gross margin, we expect a turnover in the fifth year of €5.05 million and a net profit of €4.38 million. After €1.82 million total investment, we forecast a Return on Investment (ROI) of 4.09 by Y5.

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