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Pathways to phase-out contentious inputs from organic agriculture in Europe


Design scenarios for phasing out contentious inputs

Design scenarios for user-centric organic production systems phasing out contentious inputs

Current use and legal status of WP SOIL (conventional fertiliser, peat, plastic,) contentious inputs

Report on the current use and legal status of contentious inputs to support plant production and soil fertility in organic farming and why differences between countries are significant

Technical paper on organic materials as peat substitute

Technical paper and website news about material requirements for relevant organic materials used as peat substitute

Report on the chemical analysis and in-vitro trials

Report on the chemical analysis and in-vitro trials on alternative natural plant products (in vitro anti-parasitic activity of plant sources, chemical evaluation of alternative sources of vitamins)

Modelling disease dynamics

Analysis and modelling of disease dynamics in potato blight

Current use and legal status of livestock contentious inputs

Report on the current use and legal status of contentious inputs to support livestock productions in organic farming in EU.

Technical paper on defibreing technology for substrate

Technical paper and website news to explain the technology of defibreing moist organic material by extrusion and milling, and the potential implications of this technology for substrate properties and to increase the rate of decomposition

Feasibility of designed scenarios

Operational (in terms of ease of management, resource input, cost-benefit, etc.) feasibility of the designed scenarios

Report on plant sources of vitamins for livestock

Report on alternative natural plant sources of vitamins for cows, beef, young stock, lamb, poultry and pig nutrition

Factsheets for stakeholder uptake (WP LIVESTOCK)

Factsheets (4) for Stakeholder’s uptake on: potential plant products molecules from plant products to be employed as alternative sources of vitamins and alternative anti-infective or immuno-stimulant in organic farming

Report on alternatives to contentious inputs

Report presenting an inventory of promising alternatives to contentious inputs to fertilisers, peat and plastic mulch; and summarizing the opinions on which alternatives are most promising

Citizen jury report

Comparative citizen jury report

Report, production samples and quality control on alternative bedding and analysis of agroforestry supply chain products

Report of the identification of alternative/new bedding raw materials. Analysis of production technologies in agroforestry and further processing required for the use as bedding materials. This includes reporting on production of samples of alternative/new bedding materials for application trials and report on the development of tools for quality control.

EIP practice abstracts (first batch)

First batch of EIP practice abstracts. Minimum two per topical WP 3,4,5. The practice abstracts are short practical EIP format version of the Factsheets/mini-papers envisaged in WP 3 PLANT (D.3.3 and D3.11) in WP4 LIVESTOCK (D4.3 and D4.8 -9-10-12-13. and in WP5 SOIL (D5.7 and D5.12).

Environmental sustainability report

Environmental sustainability report available for further modelling and stakeholder interaction

Survey on public opinion

Report from survey on public opinion regarding contentious inputs

Available alternatives or reduction strategies Cu and MinOil

Report on available alternatives or alternatives under development to contentious inputs in organic crop production; Documentation and evaluation of best practice examples for Cu and MinOil reduction.

Current use on farms

Working report on the current use of, and alternatives to, contentious inputs

Peer-reviewed paper on defibrated organic materials (peat replacement)

Peer-reviewed paper on experiences with defibrated organic materials as (decomposed) substrate to replace peat

Factsheets for stakeholders

Factsheets (4) for stakeholder’s uptake on: transfer/adaptation of available alternatives to contentious inputs for crop (citrus, olives, tomato, aubergine) protection in organic farming in the Mediterranean region.

Current use and legal status of crop protection inputs

Report on the current use of contentious inputs for crop protection in organic farming and on the legal status for inputs use in organic crop production in EU.

Citizen jury video ‘diary’

Video ‘diary’ documenting the citizen juries

Internal and External websites

Internal and External project websites launched

International course on contentious inputs

Delivery of international course on controversial inputs in organic production

Online course on contentious inputs

Delivery of short online course about contentious inputs in organic agriculture

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