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Service Oriented Grid for the Network of the Future

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - SOGNO (Service Oriented Grid for the Network of the Future)

Reporting period: 2019-01-01 to 2020-06-30

The SOGNO project achieved its ambitious goal of combining hardware, software solutions and research activities on different areas, such as advanced deep learning, 5G communication, and cloud virtualization, to build and validate a new philosophy of electrical grid management based on the concept of automation as a service. Figure 1 The SOGNO Concept and Approach.
The energy systems of 2025 will be based on increasing levels of RES penetration and DSO’s need new insight into how their networks are performing to optimise their operations. At the same time new 5G mobile networks offer low latency, high availability services enabling data driven control of power networks. The evolution of the energy sector is increasingly focused on energy as a service. What DSOs need now is to accelerate their ability to introduce innovations using services to increase their flexibility to adapt and reduce their need for capital expenditure.
SOGNO addressed this challenge by combining the application of deep intelligence techniques, industry grade data analysis and visualisation tools, advanced sensors, an advanced power measurement unit and 5G based ICT to provide fine grained visibility and control of both MV and LV power networks using end to end automation in a virtualised environment. Our results are provided as turnkey services, validated in DSO field trials (to TRL level 6) which have been prepared for market introduction. An Open API enables third parties to market their services in our eco-system creating further market growth.
Regulatory and standards changes needed to enable the deployment of advanced techniques have been prepared by the project. Ethical business models will support the market introduction of turnkey services. Commercialisation of the project results, as energy services, will result in disruptive change in the DSO energy market enabling breakthroughs in the speed and cost effectiveness of DSO large scale roll out of automation and growth in the energy services market in Europe and beyond. The SOGNO vision will unlock a new service-oriented market making Europe’s energy sector the most advanced and open in the world.
Figure 2 The SOGNO Scope.
The SOGNO approach to addressing the RES challenge
• The development of a set of innovative monitoring and optimisation scenarios based on new business models including offering monitoring and optimisation tools packaged as turn-key services for utilities,
• The development of new innovative data-driven monitoring and optimising techniques for power networks based on a fully data-driven approach.
• The implementation of the techniques as a powerful set of services as well as a product, providing utilities will fast to roll-out services requiring a low level of up-front investment
• The define optimisations of 5G based ICT, including radio network optimisations and the use of Edge Infrastructure, to support the near real-time operation of the SOGNO services,
• The validation of the services and algorithms through field trials up to TRL level 6,
• The development of proposals for changes to regulations and standards required to implement advanced algorithms in coming years, and
• The preparation of the commercialisation of project results as services to be introduced to the market shortly after the end of the project.
SOGNO developed a scalable, cost-effective automation solution, requiring limited up-front investment, which enables the complete monitoring and control of the power infrastructure, offered as a turnkey service. The SOGNO solution, developed with innovative sensors, data analytics techniques and 5G based ICT, provides DSOs with support for both real time and for planning decision making. Figure 3 The SOGNO Services
The field trials demonstrated results applicable to today’s Smart Grid Networks (2016) and to Next Generation Smart Grid Networks (2020+)
• A field trial operated by ESB Networks, a DSO in Ireland, used its SERVO platform as a basis for its implementation of three of the five SOGNO services in two segments of the ESB Networks Medium Voltage networks. FLISR, state estimation and power quality services were trialed in the live network. Results led to a positive evaluation of the service performance and interest from ESB Networks to continue their investigations of the new disruptive service provision model of SOGNO after the end of the project.
• The field trial undertaken in the CEZ DSO power network in Romania evaluated the SOGNO service functionality for state estimation, load forecasting and FLISR in several segments of the Romanian low and medium voltage networks,
• The field trial of Power Quality Monitoring and Load Forecasting in the ElektriLevi power network in Estonia and the laboratory trial in the power laboratory of Tallinn University of Technology, equipped by ElektrilLevi demonstrated and validated the performance of these SOGNO services.
• The field trial using the campus power network of RWTH, Aachen highlighted the capabilities of the Smart Campus energy network demonstrating the advanced SOGNO monitoring services and optimisation tools operating in a secure Cloud.
• The laboratory test in RWTH Aachen, based on real-time simulation and Hardware in the Loop, offers a unique opportunity to DSOs to perform a full integration test using a reference implementation of the complete SOGNO ecosystem, and the opportunity to test the Power Control service, which for safety reasons could not be tested in live DSO power networks, Figure 4 SOGNO Field Trial Map.
By the end of the project in June 2020, all SOGNO goals had been achieved with excellent results. The partners had to innovate in many ways to be able to achieve all the ambitious goals of the project.
The project results have already made considerable impact. The project has observed a change in the approach of DSOs during the project lifetime. While their awareness and interest in cloud-based services and cellular communications was low at the start of the project, both their interest in working with the disruptive SOGNO approach to distribution grid automation as well the market for automation services using 4G and 5G cellular communications are growing at a fast pace. Our results are being taken up in a range of new research and innovation projects and in ongoing and planned commercial developments.
Figure 5 Time horizons for the impact of results.