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Open source toolbox for modelling integrated energy systems


Communication toolkit

(T7.1, T7.2) Project communication material including project logo, templates as well as a public website for the Spine project and the Spine Toolbox. Success criteria: all of the items above available for the project on time.

Open-sourcing and training plan

(T7.3) A more detailed plan for the open-sourcing and training activities in the Task 7.3. Success criteria: guides the implementation of open-sourcing and training.

Communication plan

(T7.1, T7.2) Presents a plan on the communication and training activities based on the description of the Task 7.2. Success criteria: acceptable communication plan.

Specification for Spine Toolbox data acquisition and conversion tools

(T.4.1) Document describing the needs for data acquisition and conversion. 1) Basic version M05 2) Update on M24 Success criteria: Guides the implementation of data acquisition and conversion tools.

Comprehensive description of available data sources, formats, and specifications

(T5.1) Report on available data sources and formats. Success criteria: contains descriptions for all the data items needed in the case studies.

Software design document

(T2.1, T2.2, T2.3, T2.4, T2.5, T2.6, T2.7, T2.8) Software design document • First high level version M02 • More specific design from tasks 2.2-2.7 will be used to update the document • Final version M30 Success criteria: the software design document guides the implementation.

Data management plan

(T5.2) Project data management plan for Open Research Data Pilot – M06 (first version) - M18 (updated version at the end of the financial period) - M30 (updated version at the end of the financial period) – M48 (final version) Success criteria: acceptable data management plan for the open research data pilot.

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