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GNSS for mass-market Internet-of-Things tracking applications

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - UBIGNSS (GNSS for mass-market Internet-of-Things tracking applications)

Reporting period: 2017-05-01 to 2017-10-31

UbiGNSS project intends to foster Internet-of-Things tracking applications by delivering a breakthrough GNSS-based sensing technology that is low-power and low-cost.
With our solution, small battery-powered electronic devices can only sense the GNSS signals, and the position is computed in a cloud-based server, whereby power consumption is not an issue.
By offering a 10X decrease in power consumption compared to state-of-the-art technologies, our technology meets the crucial requirements for different verticals world-wide (logistics, manufacturing, agriculture, and consumer) but Europe was our focus in reason of IoT network momentum and possible economic spin-off for Galileo, the European Satellite Navigation system.
The feasibility study was conducted to assess the economic viability and identify a successful go-to-market strategy to achieve mass-market deployments challenges. In particular, we have endeavored to answer the following objectives:
1. Check the hypothesis about business model
2. Assess risks related to the Low-power connectivity
3. Differentiate use-cases to identify best market segments
4. Assess technical and commercial efforts
5. Review competition extensively
6. Identify partnership to support Galileo in future.
As a conclusion, we could confirm the importance of location technologies in the advent of IoT and its impact on numerous aspects of our society. The professional domains remain the primary triggers for IoT tracking. We could especially highlight the overall demand fragmentation that create hurdles to overcome to reach effective mass-market. The report layouts a realistic change of strategic vision to enable the Ubiscale company to reach highest impact from its people, technologies and assets.
The work done covers direct exchanges with the companies of the IoT value chain. It includes direct customer such a tracking device manufacturers but also network operators, software & hardware vendors and GNSS chipset manufacturers.
We gathered and constructed comprehensive information set about market stakeholders, technologies, trends & factors.
Those information were used to analyze our market covering low-power connectivity issues, market segment potential, with drivers and limitations. It covered as well assessment of commercial actions and refined valuation of UbiGNSS project.
UbiGNSS contributes to enable low cost and long lasting IoT trackers for industrial and consumer location based services
UBIGNSS Cloud Powered Geolocation for IoT