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Developing perovskite-based solar panels


Silicon based solar panels dominate the photovoltaic (PV) market but it seems they have reached their limits due to three major limiting factors: (1) high manufacturing costs, (2) inflexible shape and (3) not improving efficiency. These factors do not allow PV prices to drop under a theoretical minimum resulting in the fact solar investments have a reasonable ROI only with state subsidies, which is a major obstacle in the way of the further spreading of renewables, although they could be the answer for the world’s energy security and fossil energy reduction issues. The project aims to break these barriers by exchanging the silicon based active layer with perovskite based composites, this innovation offers a solution for all of the 3 aforementioned hindrances.
In our revenue model two types of solar panels will be sold through direct (own sales network, webshop) and indirect (distributors) channels. Expected direct/indirect sales ratio will be 50-50% by the end of the initial business period. The overall market (TAM) is global (size ~2.8 bn EUR), the initial market segment is Europe (size: ~ 1/3 of TAM).. Targeted users are companies the with the profile of fulfilling the end users’ (households, public institutions, industry) energy needs by building or installing solar farms or solar based systems. Competitive advantages: (1) significantly cheaper (1/3) price; (2) only slightly less (but rapidly increasing) performance; (3) flexible shape;
In Phase 1 focus will be on a technical viability check covering potential material compounds, issues of scaling up the cell, efficiency and lifespan analyses; market survey to support our market concept; conducting an FTO analysis. Project plan of Phase 2 and a detailed business plan will also be elaborated. The TRL-9 level product is being planned to be elaborated in the frame of Phase 2, estimated cost is 1,500,000 EUR.

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